K-Drama Sneak Peek: Cho Yeo Jeong and Go Joon Play Tensed Husband and Wife in Comedy Thriller “Cheat On Me If You Can”

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KBS2 TV’s upcoming drama explores the concept of extra-marital affair with a dark and comedic twists.

Cheat On Me If You Can will start to heat up the small screen in December. The drama promises to tell an unconventional yet intense story of adults making bad choices and doing bad things. It stars Cho Yeo Jeong and Go Joon as a married couple in a turbulent stage in their married life.

Cheat On Me If You Can

Completing the main cast are actors Kim Young Dae and Yeon Woo. Actors Song Ok Suk, Jung Sang Hoon, Lee Si Un, Kim Ye Won, Lee Tae Hyung, Kim Soo Jin and Song Seung Ha play supporting roles. Additional cast members include Hong Soo Hyun, Kong Song A, Yoo Joon Hong, Oh Min Suk, Kim Do Hyun, Han Soo Yeon, Kim Jung Pal and Lee Se Na, among others.

Cheat On Me If You Can : Plot Sketch

The series will follow the story of husband and wife Han Woo Sung and Kang Yeo Joo. Yeo Joo is a best-selling author author of crime stories. She married Woo Sung, a divorce lawyer. Woo Sung has signed a document stating that if ever he cheats on his wife, he deserves to die. The couple enjoys bliss all throughout their marriage but just like in any relationship, trouble will soon find their way.

Doubts and suspicion start to creep in. With Woo Sung’s reputation as the “Nation’s husband”, Yeo Joo is going all in to stake her claim.

Cheat On Me If You Can : Main Characters

Cho Yeo Jeong as Kang Yeo Joo

Yeo Joo has built a name for herself with the success of her crime mystery novel. She has a penchant for killing off characters and exceptionally cruel to the cheating husband. Her mind is filled with murderous thoughts and always thinks of ways to butcher fictional people.

In their house, instead of flowers, she planted poisonous mushrooms and all kinds of killing tools can be found as well. She learned how to use a knife (not just for cooking purposes) and how to make chemical poison from experts, showing her dedication to her craft. Despite her dark thoughts, she has a happy marriage and enjoys a calm home life. She is having a writer’s block and struggles to write a new novel. To get out of the slump, she is looking for reliable and skilled assistant.

Goo Joon as Han Woo Sung

He is a successful divorce lawyer. He likes listening to other married couples’ sufferings and thrives on helping them sort out their legal matters.

Han Woo Sung is deeply and madly in love with his wife Kang Yeo Joo. To show his sincerity and devotion, he signed a memorandum surrendering himself to her. He prides himself with his clean and fit appearance. He is a nice man and can easily give out his expensive wardrobe to anyone in need. His “kindness” often leads to his secretary admonishing him. As the “Nation’s Husband”, he is a perfect partner.

Cheat On Me If You Can

Woo Sung wants to show his perfect self even in front of his wife. He continues to shower her with affection and enjoys flirting with her even though they are already married. However, he seems to be having a problem that will cause a crack on his perfect image, as well as his marriage.

Kim Young Dae as Cha Soo Ho

He is a handsome young man working as a part-timer at a convenience store in Yeo Joo’s neighborhood. Born patriotic, he can be seen wearing the national flag and sings the national anthem on Karaoke rooms during National holidays.

He seems to show admiration for Kang Yeo Joo, who frequents the convenience store. However, there is mystery lurking behind his normal and calm demeanor.

Yeon Woo as Ko Mi Rae

An art major who wants to live an ordinary life and distances herself from attention. She often goes out devoid of make-up and in simple clothes so people would not take notice. However, the pretty 22-year-old college student still attracts interests, especially from men.

Whenever someone asks her out on a date, she politely declines as she hates guys who eagerly chase women.

The Creative Team

Lee Sung Min wrote the script for Cheat On Me If You Can. She worked on the drama Queen of Mystery (1 and 2). In an interview, the scriptwriter divulged that there were challenges in writing because the material is quite sensitive. She said, “Because [doing something] can cause damage to someone unintentionally, so I always had the question Did you think about the other person’s position?”. Lee Sung Min added, “I think that the feeling of love is more dangerous than guns and swords.” The writer promised to show different aspects of love for each character.

Cheat On Me If You Can

Lee Sung Min also added that the first time she saw Cho Yeo Jeong, she knew they found their Kang Yeo Joo. She also praised Go Joon for his energy and charm. She admired the actors’ passion and thanked everyone who showed up on the read through even despite the difficult situation. The writer expressed that she hoped that “it will be a drama that lets you look back, not only on your own love but also on the people around you.”

Directing the series is Kim Hyung Suk (My Golden Life, Oh My Venus). Cheat On Me If You Can premieres December 2, 2020 at 9:30PM KST on KBS2 TV. It takes over the Wednesday-Thursday schedule previously occupied by Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol.

Watch the latest teaser below:

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