K-Drama Sneak Peek: Kwon Sang Woo and Bae Sung Woo Become Atypical Crime Fighting Duo in “Delayed Justice”

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SBS’ newest judicial drama is setting up viewers to a new brand of justice.

Delayed Justice is the network’s latest foray into law and investigation genres. It stars Kwon Sang Woo and Bae Sung Woo as two completely opposite characters bound by the same motivations and goals in life – to be the voices of the weak and fight injustice. The series tells the men’s partnership to expose the crimes of the super elites and defend those who are wrongly accused.

Delayed Justice

Completing the main cast are actors Jung Woo In, suiting up as a prosecutor, and Kim Joo Hyun, portraying the role of a rookie journalist. Playing supportive but significant roles are veteran character actors Kim Eung Soo, Cho Seong Ha, Kim Kap Soo and Lee Won Jong. An Si Ha, Park Ji Il, Lee Soon Won and Lee Jin Sil round up the ensemble.

Delayed Justice: The Plot

A high school graduate with a Law degree will team up with a soft-hearted reporter to exact justice for the disadvantaged. Meeting under an unusual circumstance, Park Tae Yong and Park Sam Soo will work together in defending those who are wrongfully accused. Though coming from different backgrounds, both men will find themselves on the same side, as representatives for ordinary people against the rich and privileged.

Delayed Justice

The Main Characters

Kwon Sang Woo as Park Tae Yong

His mother’s death caused him to wander around and quit school. While most of his peers were off to get a College education, Park Tae Yong busied himself with farm work. Through his stepmother’s help, he decided to study to take up the bar exam. He joined the Judicial Research and Training Institute and completed his training, ranking at 976 out of 1,000. He eventually passed the bar exam and obtained his Law license. However, with only a high school diploma and a low rank, Park Tae Yong found it hard to work at a legal or corporate office. As such, he decided to open a private practice in Suwon but also struggled to get clients, initially.

Kwon Sang Woo

He becomes a public defender representing petty criminals in the surrounding area. Park Tae Yong became the first lawyer to win a general criminal retrial case. This marks a defining moment in his career and offered an opportunity to turn things around. With a new case in his hands, Park Tae Yong is looking for a competent and trustworthy partner. In his search, a journalist catches his attention.

Bae Sung Woo as Park Sam Soo

Raised in an environment where violence abounds, Park Sam Soo found refuge in his studies. His good grades enabled him to get into a good University and earn his degree. His excellent writing skills put him on the radar of the founder of a renowned internet media, who hired him. However, most of his stories are the ones being passed over by seasoned reporters. Despite this and his gruff attitude, his works are full of heart. He struggled financially because his effort is oftentimes overlooked.

Bae Sung Woo

Suddenly finding himself without work, a surprise meet-up with Lawyer Park Tae Yong will provide a chance to traverse a road he has never been before.

Kim Joo Hyun as Lee Yoo Kyeong

Lee Yoo Kyeong is a newbie reporter. Upon joining the media company, she is able to get the first scoop on Park Tae Yong’s case. Though she is from a rich family, she has great empathy towards others and an even greater sense of justice. Despite being a rookie, she is tenacious and brave when it comes to doing her job. Park Tae Yong impressed her and finds herself confused, as well as curious, about the attorney.

An incident involving the Supreme Justice forces her to join Park Tae Yong and Park Sam Soo in their fight for injustice.

Kim Joo Hyun

Jung Woo In as Jang Yoon Seok

Born from a poor family, Jang Yoon Seok studied hard and fought his way to achieve the status of an elite prosecutor. A robbery case pits him against Park Tae Yong and Park Sam Soo. He is thinking of moving into politics instead of continuing as a prosecutor. He often offers Sam Soo insincere advices, not to help him but mostly to trick the unassuming reporter. Jang Yoon Seok loathes being compared to Par Tae Yong, whom he sees as someone not on his level, due to the fact Tae Yong got to practice Law without a University degree.

Jung Woo In

The Creative Team

Delayed Justice, according to the production crew, showcases “a beautiful combination” between two different individuals. Viewers should expect the perfect synergy between its male leads who immersed themselves completely into their respective roles.

Director Kwak Jung Hwan, whose works include dramas Chief of Staff (Seasons 1 and 2), The K2 and Miss Hammurabi takes on the directing duties. Meanwhile, Park Sang Gyu adds more sense of reality to the series as the writer becomes the inspiration for Bae Sung Woo’s character Park Sam Soo.

Delayed Justice

The screenwriter said, “It is a drama that is full of sincerity. I would like viewers to see how the characters climb their way up from having nothing”. The crew also promises to give a drama full of laughter, but with a lot of sincere emotions as well. This will make audiences “shed tears while laughing.”

Delayed Justice premieres on October 30 at 10PM via SBS, taking on the Friday-Saturday schedule previously occupied by Alice.

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