Kam Woo Sung, Jang Dong Yoon & Park Sung Hoon To Fight Evil Spirits In New SBS Historical Drama

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New historical drama, Joseon Exorcist, top-billed by Kam Woo Sung, Jang Dong Yoon and Park Sung Hoon is sealed on SBS camp next season!

Yonhap reported the network’s announcement of 조선구마사 Joseon Exorcist (literal translation) slated for 2021 season broadcast.

The current pandemic situation has seen a huge effect on historical drama production. Thankfully, SBS which has fairly scored high-rating dramas this season has taken a first step with confirmed period drama production.

Billed to be a historical series, it depicts the bloody fight of humans to protect the people against evil spirits who use human desire to cause chaos in Joseon.

Taking an imaginative spin, Joseon Exorcist goes to the premise of how King Taejong confronts a strange entity trying to reign over humans. A bloody fight begins when the evil spirit, who has been thoroughly sealed by Taejong, resurrects in the land of Joseon full of people with weak desires.

Fusing martial arts and exorcism, Joseon Exorcist aims to present King Taejong’s struggle to remove the remnants of corruption to establish a strong foundation.

Kam Woo Sung as King Taejong

Kam Woo Sung portrays the role of King Taejong. He does not hesitate to smear blood on his hands to strengthen his kingship. Although he is proud of helping his father Lee Seong Gye to establish the Joseon Dynasty, the guilt for the bloody slaughter he committed remains deep in his heart. When a country that has been difficult to establish is confused by evil spirits, his final battle begins.

As an established actor, Kam Woo Sung has proven unparalleled victories to roles he had portrayed. His works include The Wind Blows, Should We Kiss First and Alone in Love.

Revealing his thoughts about his new project, Kam Woo Sung is elated to work with excellent production crew and great actors. He said, “I am even more impressed to be greeted with a historical drama after 10 years. Everyone, including me, is striving to create a good work that can bring fun and vitality to the viewers, so please look forward to it.”

Kam Woo Sung Joseon Exorcist

Jang Dong Yoon as Prince Chungnyeong

Transforming to Prince Chungnyeong who bravely jumped to a bloody war to save Joseon is actor Jang Dong Yoon. His mettle will be tested when he faces a crisis that struck Joseon. As he has only explored knowledge and learning, reality will hit him hard for a solution he won’t be able to find in the books.

He jumps into a war against evil spirits to protect his precious people and becomes a true monarch from his humble prince identity. Likewise expressing excitement, Jang looks forward to his upcoming role after his remarkable stint in thriller drama, Search.

He said, “I am very excited and honored to be with good directors, writers, and seniors. It is a difficult role, but I will use it as an opportunity to grow once more.” It will be Jang’s third period series after Mr. Sunshine and The Tale of Nokdu.

Park Sung Hoon as Crown Prince Yangnyeong

Playing the role of Crown Prince Yangnyeong is Park Sung Hoon (Memorials, Psychopath Diary). His proven versatile track record will be shown again in his newest role. Holding resentment against his father King Taejong, he signs a dangerous contract with evil spirits for him to protect his loved ones.

As Taejong’s first son and crown prince, he is full of bravado, but lives in anxiety of not being recognized by his father. Although he tried to satisfy Taejong’s wishes, he was always inadequate. That led to him to hand over the country to the enemy not realizing that his desire not to lose anything ends up putting him in danger.

Park Sung-hoon said, “Based on my absolute trust in Director Shin Kyung-soo, I was drawn to the fascinating script of writer Park Gye-ok. I am working on filming with a learning attitude. We are doing our best to create high-quality works, so we ask for your expectation and interest.”

Park Sung Hoon Joseon Exorcist

Sealing quite a remarkable lead cast, the series will be helmed by director Shin Kyung Soo. Interestingly, he also worked on another lauded period drama which took King Taejong as the lead character in Six Flying Dragons. He last worked on critically acclaimed Nokdu Flower. Heightening the powerhouse creative team is writer Park Kye Ok (Doctor Prisoner) confirmed to be penning the screenplay.

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