Kang Ha Neul Continues Search For Joker In Latest Episodes Of “When The Camellia Blooms”

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Is Son Dam Bi’s character Hwang Mi the latest victim of the neighborhood serial killer – Joker?

Gong Hyo Jin’s newest drama continues to break personal records every week. The statuesque actress currently stars in When The Camellia Blooms. As Dong Baek, the owner of the Camellia, she has lived a hard life since she was a child. Currently, Dong Baek is raising her son, Pil Gu on her own while managing the restaurant.

When Camellia Blooms

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The enthralling scenes that keep viewers engrossed in the drama have kept viewership ratings high. Every week, the drama beats its personal best record from the previous week. For six consecutive weeks, the drama’s rating soared from 12.9% to 16.9% according to Nielsen Korea.

Throughout the drama, teaser scenes have kept the viewers guessing. The scenes are dark and ominous as Kang Ha Neul’s character, Hwang Yong Sik, walks toward a murder scene.

All clues so far point to Dong Baek as the murder victim. The most telling clue was Dong Baek’s germanium bracelet that she always wore. However, last week it was revealed that Hwang Mi (Son Dam Bi) actually started wearing the bracelet. When Dong Baek asked her why she had it, she said it was to remember Dong Baek.

The Last 24 Hours Of Hwang Mi’s Life?

Although last week’s episodes do not explicitly confirm Hwang Mi’s death, hints have been dropped all throughout the last episode. A timer ticked all throughout the last episode, which may seem like the last 24 hours of Hwang Mi’s life.

In the last few minutes, Dong Baek receives a late mysterious order on the phone. Although she initially declines the order, she changes her mind and accepts it. As Dong Baek prepares to leave and deliver the order, Hwang Mi arrives.

The two women have an emotional conversation about their misfortunes. Dong Baek then notices Hwang Mi wearing her worthless germanium bracelet. Hwang Mi said she got it because she wants to remember Dong Baek.

She urges Dong Baek to go back inside and Hwang Mi takes over. As she leaves, she tells Dong Baek to prepare stew and soju for her return. However, Dong Baek stays waiting, but Hwang Mi does not arrive.

She receives a mysterious call from a man asking if the restaurant delivers. The man sounds threatening as he asks Dong Baek if she’ll be the one to come this time.

Unfortunately, Dong Baek is distracted by her phone’s alarm to hear his question. The man seems to cough before hanging up. Yong Sik’s voice over states the estimated time of death is between 10:00 to 11:00 pm.

When The Camellia Blooms

Who is The Joker?

Questions continue to linger as the mysterious identity of the serial killer Joker remains unknown. Yong Sik continues to investigate the Joker. He realizes that he developed an allergy after touching the cat food left around the neighborhood. Apparently, the food was laced with insecticide which gave him the allergy. Yong Sik finds out that it was the hardware store owner’s son Park Heung Sik (Lee Kyu Sung) leaving out the food for the cats.

In the previous scenes, it was Hwang Mi who first encountered Heung Sik and the cat food. Although Heung Sik was not shown then, Hwang Mi’s interaction with him proved her familiarity with him. Heung Sik offered Hwang Mi to stay in his house. Other clues that seem to point to Heung Sik are the green lighters Hwang Mi stole from him. But is Heung Sik really the Joker?

Son Dam Bi Confirms Hwang Mi’s Death?

The actress Son Dam Bi has been giving life to Hwang Mi. On October 28, the actress posted a photo of herself in a gray jacket. She simply captioned the post, “I miss you”, presumably alluding to her character.

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Meanwhile, continue to watch When The Camellia Blooms every Wednesday and Thursday on KBS. The drama can also be streamed on Netflix.