Kang Ha Neul Is Set To Play The Mighty General In Highly Anticipated Historical Drama

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The Moon Rising River is beginning to stir up attention for a promising period drama next year. And Kang Ha Neul will further amplify the anticipation!

Set to be broadcast in the first half of 2021, 달이 뜨는 강 The Moon Rising River (LT) is already raising anticipation for drama lovers. The series is a love story adaptation of the famous Goguryeo folktale characters, Pyeonggang and Ondal.

The narrative will revolve around the tragic fate of Ondal, who once dreamed of becoming a Taewang (the greatest king), but instead foolishly sacrificed his heart in the end.

It was earlier confirmed that the versatile actress, Kim So-hyun, will portray the role of Pyeonggang. She was born as a princess and lived her life as majestic royalty.

Historical series have been a quintessential part of the young actress’ blossoming career after landing on lead roles for period dramas (Tale Of Nokdu and The Emperor: Owner Of The Mask). Fans of the actress are both curious and excited as to how she will deliver a unique flavor on the character of Princess Pyeonggang.

A Prized Addition

Kang Ha Neul

Meanwhile on October 6, the production team of The Moon Rising River revealed the newest addition to its  ensemble of casts. The award-winning actor, Kang Ha Neul, has confirmed his participation in the series. He will take on the character of On-hyeop who is Ondal’s father.

Known for his realistic acting performances that yield awards and recognitions, Kang Ha Neul’s presence further intensifies the excitement for the drama.

A Revered Chieftain

The story will portray On-hyeop as the head of the Sunnobu region in Goguryeo Kingdom. His is a dutiful leader who fulfills his responsibilities for his country and his people. Embodying a sense of charisma and righteousness, he is a revered general of the people who receives support and loyalty from the masses. On-hyeop’s role will pave the way for the major narrative progression at the start of the drama.

After taking home some of the major awards this year for his stellar performance in When The Camellia Blooms, Kang Ha Neul is considered as one of the busiest actors these days. Enjoying the peak of his career, he is currently working on two film projects with several endorsements on the side.

As an actor who meticulously chooses his movie and television endeavors, he accepted the role from The Moon Rising River because of the promising script and story. He added that On-hyeop has the charm that instantly drew his attention towards the character.

Kang Ha Neul’s heavy presence at the beginning of the drama is expected to gravitate attention from the viewers. Being the father of one of main characters, his impact in the story is worth following. With his proven excellence in delivering his performance, he is sure to rouse massive interest for this drama.

The brilliant minds behind this much-awaited historical drama are PD Yoon Sang-ho (Saimdang Light’s Diary and Kingmaker: The Change Of Destiny) and Writer Han Ji-hoon (Time Between Dogs and Wolf and Woman Of 9.9 Billion).

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