Jeon So Min & Park Sung Hoon Are Grieving Parents In KBS Drama Special “Hee-soo”

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Hee-soo is the first of four film projects in the pipeline of KBS under the theme of satisfying the five senses with a novel and original story and high-quality visuals.

Depicting the yearning of parents who lost their six-year-old daughter in a car accident, Hee-soo explores the kind of life a mother and a father go through to escape the feeling of loss by restoring their daughter who died through virtual reality.

The VR element is expected to provide a different kind of fun by combining the heartbreaking family love with a refreshing “scifi horror”.

Rounding up the main cast are Kim Yun Seul, Kim Kang Hyun and Park Hana.

Jeon So Min and Park Sung Hoon take on the roles of Hwang Joo-eun and Ko Tae-hoon, who are the parents of Hee-soo (Kim Yun-seul). They both have their own careers and loving parents to Heesoo.

Attention is focused on how the two actors, who have both shown unrivaled character digestion through a number of works, will portray the dramatic psychological change of parents who lost their children.

Meanwhile, Kim Yun-seul will play the role of Heesoo who will cause the tearful family story. Kim Kang Hyun and Park Hana will play the roles of VR program developer Lee Jun-beom and his wife Kim Sang-mi.

Hee-soo will premiere in October on KBS 2TV. Viewers can preview it two weeks in advance on online video service platforms Wavve and Btv.

Source: Sports Donga

Photos: KBS2 TV

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