Kim Ha Neul And Lee Do Hyun Showcase Special Chemistry In New Stills of “18 Again”

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The Go Back Couple director is back with a new time-travel family-themed series, starring Kim Ha Neul, Lee Do Hyun and Yoon Sang Hyun!

18 Again follows the story of a man named Hong Dae Young (portrayed by Yoon Sang Hyun), who is on a brink of divorce, but mysteriously returned to his 18-year-old self (played by Lee Do Hyun). With this time-travel sort of phenomenon, the 18-year-old Hong Dae Young changes his name to Go Woo Young (Lee Do Hyun).

His wife Jung Da Jung (Kim Ha Neul) is an aspiring announcer and a mother of 18-year-old twin brothers. The drama is based on the American film 17 Again (Zac Efron), and is directed by Ha Byung Hoon of Go Back Couple.

18 Again

Drama Poster

In the poster, Kim Ha Neul is wearing a wedding dress while standing behind her husband, bearing the face of Yoon Sang Hyun and Lee Do Hyun.

The poster, which reads, “My husband turned 18 years old!”, pertains to Yoon Sang Hyun turning into his young self who is portrayed by Lee Do Hyun.

Showcasing an unparalleled innocence charm, the screen icon of ageless beauty, Kim Ha Neul, stands out while wearing a pure white wedding dress. With her youthful aura, viewers are getting curious of the unique chemistry the three actors will present.

18 Again

Drama Stills

The new stills show Kim Ha Neul and Lee Do Hyun coming across to each other for the first time after he transformed to being young.

Go Woo Young smiles brightly inside the bus but as soon as he hops off, his smile fades. He seems to be holding his breath like he’s afraid of being seen. The last photo, capturing Kim Ha Neul’s gaze at Lee Do Hyun’s back from the bus, raises questions to whether she recognize him or not.

Their contrasting expressions also intrigue viewers with how their relationship will unfold in the future.

18 Again

The production team shared, “In the drama, Kim Ha Neul never imagined that Lee Do Hyun is her real husband. Go Woo Young, who keeps on hovering around his wife, will soon establish a new found relationship with her. It will be exciting to witness a family man on the verge of divorce and returning to his prime years as an 18-year-old boy.”

18 Again premieres on September 7, following The Good Detective.

Watch the trailers below!

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