Kim Sejeong Confirmed For New SBS Drama “A Business Proposal”

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Prepare to be swept by Kim Se Jeong’s charms once again K-Drama fans! She will return to the acting scene soon by starring in a new romantic comedy-drama!

After taking the music scene by storm with her remake songs, musical appearances and alluring song covers, Kim Se Jeong is now ready to take on a new challenge by accepting a role in the upcoming SBS drama A Business Proposal.


On August 2, Kakao Entertainment finally confirmed the thrilling news, much to fans’ delight. Based entirely on a web novel published in 2017 by author Hae Hwa, the program tells the story of Shin Ha Ri, a regular office worker who goes on a blind date with the CEO of her company, Kang Tae Moo, while hiding her identity. 

As the drama revolves around the workplace setting and romance genre, expectations are now rising regarding how will the director and writer make the characters more relatable and attractive to everyone.


Kim Se Jeong will take on the lead role of Shin Ha Ri, who lacks optimism and energy. Her beautiful mother, handsome brother, and chaebol friend at school often overpowers her presence.

With this, it will be quite interesting to see how the idol will pull off the character’s emotions, appearance, and thoughts especially that Shin Ha Ri will hide her true identity in the majority of the parts of the drama.

The shift from Shin Ha Ri’s real quirky personality to a fierce and charismatic one in front of her boss will surely be fun and entertaining to watch, and knowing Kim Se Jeong’s versatility as an actress, she will surely nail her role effortlessly.

This will mark as the lovely idol’s comeback to the small screen since she starred in the hit OCN drama Uncanny Counter. She also gained recognition with her previous portrayal of the roles Ra Eun Ho and Hong Yi Young in dramas School 2017 and I Wanna Hear Your Song.

Kim Sejeong shared, “I enjoyed reading the script so much, and I was convinced that the writer, director, and actors who were working with me would all be able to have a lot of fun. I’m doing it, so please look forward to it a lot.”

Director Park Sun Ho, known for her previous iconic works namely Suspicious Partner and A Wok of Love, will take charge of the A Business Proposal‘s production. With this, the drama will surely go at the top of K-Drama fans’ must-watch list.

Famous actor Ahn Hyo Seop has previously confirmed his participation in the drama. He will play the role of Kang Tae Moo, the perfect third-generation chaebol and the CEO at Shin Ha Ri’s company. Seol In Ah and Kim Min Kyu will also grace the show as the second leads.

The filming for A Business Proposal will reportedly start at the second half of this year. Its target airing date is on the first half of 2022.

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