Ju Ji Hoon Vows To Salvage His Crown & His People In The Final Video Trailer Of “Kingdom Season 2”

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Counting down to the premiere of Kingdom Season 2, the series spills the last enthralling video teaser

Making a firm stance, Crown Prince Lee Chang (Ju Ji Hoon) preps to fight the greedy Cho family. Risking everything in a bloody battle, the intensity hikes up for the characters as the premiere of Kingdom Season 2 approaches.


Kingdom S2: Main Trailer


Posted by Netflix on Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Carrying the weight of the plague-stricken kingdom, Prince Chang bears to withstand a huge storm which seemingly refuses to dissipate. The relentlessly growing army of infected people stretches to the main land thereby threatening the entire kingdom.

Albeit the pressing outbreak, Prince Chang boldly declares his position. He is eager to face the villains to save the nation.

Kingdom Season 2

Kingdom | Photo Courtesy of Netflix

“I will return to Hanyang and assume my rightful place on the throne of Joseon! Are you with me?,” he said.

Meanwhile, time is ticking for Seo-bi (Bae Doona) to find the cure for the cause of the plague. Will she make it to aid in helping the Crown Prince?

Kingdom Season 2


Strongly supporting Prince Chang, Yeong-shin (Kim Sung Kyu) bravely beats the odds in face of the infected people. Through their determined will, the two work to survive the death-defying challenges.

Standing in resolute opposition to Prince Chang is the Cho family members who are unflinching to secure their hold on the seat of power. Chief State Councilor Cho Hak-ju mutters, “That is not the nation that I intend to build.” His ambition to rule Joseon burns at his very soul.

Kingdom | Photo Courtesy of Netflix

The Queen would even exploit the plague to maintain her place on the throne that is meant only for the true King.

Kingdom season 2 starts streaming via Netflix beginning March 13.

Kingdom Season 2Kingdom Season 2

PR Source: Netflix

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