The Animosity Between Park Hae Jin & Kim Eung Soo Evolves Into Blooming Bromance In “Kkondae Intern” Episodes 9-12

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Kkondae Intern delves deeper into the true selves of the main characters in Episodes 9-12.

Definitely worthy of all the praises that it has been receiving, Kkondae Intern screened another set of entertaining occurrences in the latest episodes.

Highlighting on basic human characteristics, episodes 9-12 puts a spotlight on the fact that being a soft-spoken and kind boss might also be detrimental.

After having suffered a lot under an overbearing boss, Ga Yeol Chan (Park Hae Jin) chose to be the nice boss. Therefore, even when his team members did a lousy job, he always let them off the hook.

Kkondae Intern

However, the cons of being too nice is that people would selfishly take advantage of it. In the latest events, Ga Yeol Chan gets tired of playing nice.

What transpired in episodes 9-12 is going to bring a greater storm in Ga Yeol Chan’s life. But on the bright side, Lee Man Sik (Kim Eung Soo) might actually be on his side.

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What happened to the ox soup restaurant owner?

Following the shocking end of episode 8, Ga Yeol Chan learns that the restaurateur (Shin Hyun Jong) is not dead but in a coma. Apparently, Lee Man Sik has been taking care of the patient.

Seeing all these, Ga Yeol Chan has a sudden realization that Lee Man Sik might not be so evil after all. On the other hand, after noticing that Ga Yeol Chan is still traumatized from the past incident, Lee Man Sik feels bad for him. Thus, he does not want to sabotage Yeol Chan anymore either.

Cockroach incident

The problems for the Marketing department at Joonsu Foods seem to be unending as they face another issue. A consumer, Park Beom Jun (Jang Sung Gyu) has complained about finding a cockroach inside his ramen packet.

To mitigate the damages from the incident, Ga Yeol Chan and team visits Park Beom Jun. Coincidentally, he also happens to be Lee Tae Ri’s (Han Ji Eun) ex-boyfriend. As a result, he agrees for settlement with Joonsu Foods.

However, things do not go smoothly as Park Beom Jun wants to get back together with his ex and forces himself on her. Catching the sight of all that, Ga Yeol Chan saves Lee Tae Ri. But now, the settlement between the two parties is deferred.

The enraged Park Beom Jun thereafter goes to the media and talks about the cockroach affair. Things, however, get resolved due to the efforts of Lee Man Sik and the team.

Kkondae Intern

Change in Ga Yeol Chan and Lee Man Sik’s relationship

Realizing that, Lee Man Sik has been of no help to him, Namgoong Joon Soo (Park Ki Woong) fires him, using the ransomware fiasco as an excuse. In an unforeseen series of occurrences, Ga Yeol Chan seeks after the senior intern and brings him back. He also admits that the ransomware issue was his fault.

Meanwhile, Lee Man Sik is now also aware of the fact, that the person who had uploaded the audio file to prove his innocence was Ga Yeol Chan. After getting rescued by Ga Yeol Chan multiple times, his stance changes. Additionally, with Namgoong Joon Soo abandoning him, he is on his own now.

Kkondae Intern

Ga Yeol Chan loses his cool

Although matters related to the cockroach commotion was sorted out, but the company’s image got tarnished. As a result, product sales also dipped. To boost the sales number again, the new strategy was that the employees must buy the products.

The program was supposed to be voluntary, but because the performance in the sales campaign would reflect in the employee appraisal, everyone gave their absolute best. However, for an intern like Joo Yoon Soo (Noh Jong Hyun), it was burden since he does not have much money in hand.

Noticing this, Ga Yeol Chan announces in a team meeting that if anyone is struggling, they can sell the products to him. In spite of initiating a good deed, Ga Yeol Chan faces the repercussions as everyone exploits his generosity by bulk buying the products and then, selling everything to him.

Making it worse, Ga Yeol Chan also faces the heat from the Chairman Namgoong Pyo (Go In Beom) because of the dismal sales numbers. With too much pressure from the boss, Ga Yeol Chan struggles to maintain his temper and criticises Tak Jung Eun (Park Ah In) for her incompetence, which comes as a huge shock to everyone.

Kkondae Intern

In the meantime, Joo Yoon Soo and Lee Tae Ri also discover that Ga Yeol Chan had written bad reviews for their project proposal. Thus, all hell breaks loose and Ga Yeol Chan can only wonder if he should fire the entire team.

Kkondae Intern airs every Wednesday and Thursday on MBC.

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