Lee Do Hyun Talks About His Feelings Towards The End Of “Hotel Del Luna”

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Rookie actor Lee Do Hyun is Hotel Del Luna‘s unexpected treasure.

Lee Do Hyun played the other half of the historical star-crossed lovers opposite to IU’s Jang Man Wol. He portrayed Goo Chung Myung, a warrior who had entangled himself with the lead character for 1300 years. His work depicts his surprising presence as viewers build a deep impression towards his role.

Arriving as part of Jang Man Wol’s past, his appearance comes off as exciting and overwhelming to viewers. Just as his surprise first meeting with Man Wol happened, he dove into the hearts of many viewers and became the center of conversations.

Goo Chung Myung was introduced as the man Goo Chan Seong was seeing in his dreams smiling alongside a very different Jang Man Wol. His portrayal brought a tender and affectionate feeling to his character’s existence despite the gloomy story brewing in the distance.

Lee Do Hyun and his character gained massive attention in the fantasy drama. The actor’s delicate acting and warm-hearted visuals amplified his character’s emotions. This aspect caused heated responses in each episode as the drama carefully stacks the narrative of Goo Chung Myung.

Above all, he is compared to strong actors in the drama industry with his brief but powerful appearances. His name has been trending continuously on major portal real time search words every day. The drama warrior’s emergence as an artist with a tremendous acting ability and charm has drawn more keen attention than ever.

Goo Chung Myung’s Farewell

Despite his tragic story with Jang Man Wol, Goo Chung Myung stayed by her side for 1300 years as a small light of a firefly. This poignant story creates a perfect account of his character’s heavy determination. It highlighted his inspiring qualities as well: his sincerity and responsibility as a warrior, his strength and conviction to risk everything for his loved ones and his love and loyalty to one woman. Goo Chung Myung is on everyone’s lips as a fresh, new heartthrob as he joined the ranks of big name drama actors.

Sharing his message about his character and the drama over all, he said, “It was very precious, valuable, and appreciated. I’ve learned so many things. It was difficult, but the pleasant and happy memories are still fresh and vivid.”

“I would like to thank all the actors and actresses who were honored just to be with me, the director, the writer, and all the staff. Thank you for your hard work. I hope we can meet at the next scene. Thank you to the viewers who have loved Hotel Del Luna and Goo Chung Myung. I’ll be back with a better look and look forward to seeing you,” he added.

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