Lee Min Ho Takes Home Court Advantage By Showering Kim Go Eun With Heart-Flutters In Episode 5 & 6 Previews Of “The King: Eternal Monarch”

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After four episodes, The King: Eternal Monarch has laid a solid groundwork – and it appears ready to sprinkle more romantic moments!

In episode 4 of The King: Eternal Monarch, Jung Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun) relented to Lee Gon’s (Lee Min Ho) invite to see his world. On board the King’s handsome white horse, they cross the portal to enter the Kingdom of Corea.

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Posted by MYM Entertainment on Saturday, 25 April 2020

Brewing romance in the palace

Hinting the start of saccharine treats for the main love pairing, Jung Tae Eul and Lee Gon continue their sweet bickering. As Tae Eul familiarizes herself in the Kingdom, Lee Gon carries on with adorable teasings.

She also sees Detective Kang’s (Kim Kyung Nam) counterpart while crossing a street. Meanwhile, her connection with Jo Yeong (Woo Do Hwan) seems in contrast to her adorable interaction with his Republic’s counterpart – Eun Sup.

At the end of the video, Lee Gon is seen confronting Jung Tae Eul of who she is trying to look for in the Kingdom.

Sweet daze in the imperial kitchen

Stirring fans’ expectations, teaser photos of Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun were also released. Captured in a “cooking class” scene, the two made  time stop while gazing at each other in the imperial kitchen of the palace.

Trying to impress the woman he likes, Lee Gon shows off his culinary skills while adding his manly charms to sweetly daze Jung Tae Eul.

He further raises the ante as the two are shown in close proximity to each other. Endearingly, their foreheads meet in a heart-stopping scene.

Lee Min Ho Kim Go Eun

The scene was filmed in March this year at a cooking studio in Gangnam, Seoul. Lee and Kim prepared carefully and enthusiastically to convey one of more to come endearing scenes.

Spiritedly responding to the scene, Lee Min Ho carefully checked the order and details of the cooking process. In addition, Kim Go Eun channeled the emotion of Jung Tae Eul. She approached Lee Gon with a bright smile and passionate expression.

Production company Hwa & Dam Pictures invites fans to look forward to the budding romance between Lee and Kim’s characters.

Meanwhile, the 5th episode of The King: Eternal Monarch will be aired on May 1 via SBS. It will be streamed globally on Netflix at 10:30 p.m.

Lee Min Ho

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