Lee Young Ae Locks Insurance Investigator Role In Drama Comeback

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Breaking her drama hiatus after four years, Lee Young Ae suits up to an interesting role as an insurance investigator.

Billed as chase-comedy genre, 구경이 Koo Kyung (LT) is slated to air in the second half of 2021. First generation Korean wave star Lee Young Ae of Jewel in the Palace and Joint Security Agency fame top-bills the anticipated series.

For her newest role, Lee Young Ae investigates a murder case presented as a perfect crime. She probes on the crime completely disguised as an accident while investigating an insurance fraud case.

lee young ae

Her character is sketched as a person with an extraordinary brain who feels joy only in solving the case rather than realizing justice. She rushes to the truth of the case in any way or means.

The series will be helmed by Lee Jung Heum whose popular works include Falsify and Nobody Knows. Penning the script is rookie writer Sung Choi with Group 8 backing up the production.

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