“Legal High” Releases Teasers Proving Why It Should Not Be Missed

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Legal High is set to premiere on February 8, but jTBC has increased the excitement further by releasing highlights.

As Sky Castle concludes its successful run, Legal High is gearing up to follow the show with its bright and cheerful story.

Legal High

Writer Park Sung Jin and Director Kim Jung Hyun have prepared another sure hit for viewers. Based on the video, here are three highlights guaranteed to tickle your funny bone.

Jin Goo’s Comedic Transformation

Jin Goo challenges himself in his new role as Go Tae Rim, a lawyer with a 100% success rate. He believes that justice is right, but if anyone has a large amount of money, that person can win. Jin Goo’s tailored performance in the teasers are strange but elicited laughter. It looks like he outdid himself in this drama, based on the teaser.

Legal High

Seo Eun Soo’s Unique Role

Seo Eun Soo’s role as Seo Jae In believes that if justice is not enough, the legal system of this country is over. She is defeated several times and in order to redeem herself as a lawyer, she starts working with Tae Rim. It is expected that Seo Eun Soo will also elicit laughter in her scenes with Jin Goo.

Legal High

Unusual Chemistry of the Supporting Cast of Legal High

The lawyers of the B & G law firm are somehow united to win over Tae Rim. However, their history is unusual. Although he was a previous supporter of the famous Tae Rim, Kang Ki Suk, to be portrayed by Yoon Park, will become a sniper who aims to defeat Tae Rim.

Legal High

Senior lawyer Yoon Sang Koo (Jung Sang Hoon) has a brilliant ability to turn his back on his clients. Lee Soon Jae, Jang Yoon Sang, and Kim Byung Ok are also part of the cast that will surely bring a memorable drama to the viewers.

Legal High will be broadcasted on JTBC on Friday, February 8 at 11 pm KST.