Jeon Do Yeon and Ryu Jun Yeol Contemplate Life in iQiyi Original Series “Lost”

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Director Hur Jin-ho along with actors Jeon Do Yeon and Ryu Jun Yeol attended the recently concluded press event  (Sept. 2) of iQiyi’s original series Lost.

Ryu recalled his first encounter with Jeon in an elevator at an award ceremony five years ago. “As soon as I know she will be the co-star, I start to think about the first time we met,” said Ryu. “I remember she was nervous before The Good Wife premiere, and I still have a clear image of her facial expression in my mind.” As the event moderator said this serendipity sent her goosebumps, Ryu jokingly responded, “I am also having goosebumps, but probably because of air-conditioning”.

Lost is the first TV series by award-winning film director Hur Jin-ho (April Snow, Dangerous Liaisons). He said he had never thought about making, until reading the first four episodes written by Kim Ji-hye (Hope). While reading, he visualized Jeon and Ryu as protagonists in his mind, and fortunately, they both agreed to participate. “I didn’t expect Ryu to say yes,” said Jeon. “I thought actors would prefer grand stories, especially after watching his performances in Money, but he surprised me.”

Ryu believed every work by Jeon would be great, so he couldn’t wait to say yes, even before reading the script. “If Jeon is joining the team, do you need another reason? Of course, I would be a part of it!” When asked about work experiences with Jeon, Ryu replied, “After heartbreaking scenes with her, I have reflected several times about how to polish my performances further”.

In the story, Jeon plays a ghostwriter Lee Bu-jeong who aspires to be a writer herself. Even though she is committed, she continues to fail and gradually loses her motivation in life. Jeon said she had been questioned by others if she could ever possibly comprehend the feeling to be a failure. “I feel nervous and pressured about playing this character,” Jeon said, “so I often look around and care about everyone.”

Lost focuses on a woman who has lost her way in life amid failures, and a man who is afraid of wasting life without achievements. In a dark reality, how can they heal each other?

Starting from September 4th (Saturday), iQiyi original series Lost will be updated every Saturday and Sunday at 9:30pm (SGT) as in Korea on iQiyi International app and iQ.com.

PR Source: iQiyi