Make Way for Everyone’s New Favorite Squad: “Chief Detective 1958″‘s Unit 1

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Meet the eclectic crew of Jongnam Station’s Unit 1, comprising a cow thief catcher, a quirky dog lover, a compassionate chief, a strongman, and a fresh university graduate. Set against the backdrop of 1958 Seoul, South Korea, Chief Detective 1958 promises a delightful blend of crime-solving and mystery.

Led by Chief Detective 1958, this K-drama series delivers a riot of witty lines and entertaining characters you can’t help but root for. With their confidence and finesse, the Unit 1 boys guarantee laughter and fond memories every Friday and Saturday.

1. Park Yeonghan:

Portrayed by the charismatic Lee Jehoon, Yeonghan is a small-town cop disillusioned by rampant corruption in Seoul. He’s not just adept at catching cow thieves; he also devises clever strategies, like using snakes, to nab goons.

2. Kim Sangsun:

Known as the ‘crazy dog,’ Sangsun, played by Lee Donghwi, navigates a workplace dominated by criminals. Quirky habits aside, he brings experience and determination to the team.

3. Chief Yu Daecheon:

Chief Yu, portrayed by Choi Dukmoon, is a tormented leader battling corruption within the police force. Despite his tough exterior, he’s a soft-hearted mentor, as seen when he gifts Yeonghan new clothes.

4. Jo Gyeonghwan:

Joining the unit as an unlikely hero, Gyeonghwan, played by Choi Woosung, brings honesty and strength from his background as a market worker. He may not fit the traditional mold, but he’s exactly what the team needs.

5. Seo Hojeong:

Played by Yoon Hyunsoo, Hojeong is a timid yet intelligent university graduate determined to defy his family’s expectations and become a police officer. As a rookie, he’ll learn to balance his smarts with courage.

Follow the adventures of these unconventional heroes as they restore Jongnam Station’s Unit 1’s reputation, one solved case at a time. Tune in to Disney+ every Friday and Saturday for the latest escapades of Chief Detective 1958’s Unit 1.