K-Drama Couch Recap: “Memories Of The Alhambra” Episode 14

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Riveting is an understatement in the penultimate week of Memories of the Alhambra.

As every clue and revelation finally settles for the hero to complete the final quest, Memories of the Alhambra is setting the fans’ hearts on an indefinite limbo – wondering what the end will be – ahead of its finale week.

Memories of the Alhambra

Solidifying its bid as the Korean drama to beat all in 2019, Hyun Bin, Park Shin Hye and the rest of the stellar cast have been consistently powering up the nimble plot with their portrayals.

Sending off Memories of the Alhambra would surely pain its faithful viewers, who have been attentively consumed with its imaginative realm.

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Yu Ra’s crazy lies

While on a photo shoot, Yu Ra learns of Jin Woo’s absence in the summon of the police. When her manager receives a call from Professor Cha to not proceed as they planned, she panics and jumps into a conclusion that the two are conspiring against her.

Intoxicated, Yu Ra walks to the police station to give her statement against Professor Cha’s instructions. Spewing lies that Jin Woo is involved in the death of Hyung Suk, an arrest warrant is issued, rendering Jin Woo to become a fugitive.

Back at the Pyeongchang rest house, Director Park pleads to Professor Cha to drop the case, but the latter has gone too far to return, and can only mutter how he has dug his own grave.

Spotting Jin Woo on a gun fight, Hee Joo follows him to a clothing store in Myeongdong. Out of bullets, Jin Woo checks on other items he can use to survive, and finds a clock that can freeze time.

Realizing Hee Joo’s arrival, he drags her inside the fitting room. Annoyed at her stubbornness, she inches closer to embrace him, and tells him to speak with Director Park. He clears the way and sends her back to Ilsan with a supposed errand. In truth, he just wants her away from the battle zone which is full of villains.

Fugitive Jin Woo

Left with no choice, Jin Woo evades the police chasing him in his goal to reach the game’s 100th level. Using all the items Yang Joo created for him, along with his charged weapons, he finds his phone and carries on playing to seal four more levels.

As soon as Hee Joo arrives home, she realizes that Jin Woo has tricked her so she can be protected.

Hee Joo wakes up and absent-mindedly worries about Jin Woo who promised to return before the dawn breaks, but he has failed to. Answering a knock on their door, she greets Director Park who comes to check on Jin Woo.

Emma Accepts the Key

Fighting all the villains all night long, Jin Woo finally reaches the 100th level. Yang Joo also reports it to Director Park. Upon learning Jin Woo is still in Myeongdong, Hee Joo decides to look for him.

Exhausted and severely wounded, Jin Woo sits down weary from fighting to achieve his goal. He calls Yang Joo to reposition Emma in a nearby church. Just then, an assassin approaches and shoots Jin Woo. In the brink of danger, his game ally Jeong Hun comes to his rescue.

Mustering the remaining strength he has, Jin Woo goes to the church to meet Emma. But a passerby recognizes him, and reports it hurriedly to the police.

Jin Woo walks to Emma’s direction just as the police moves to where he is. He hands the key to Emma, and in a split-second timing, he evades the police officers who just entered the church.

Se Joo Returns

Failing to locate Jin Woo, Hee Joo and Director Park look for him to no avail. The latter also decides to shut down the server.

Heading to her academy class, Min Joo calls for Hee Joo seeing a familiar figure in the dark. Hee Joo walks closer to the figure, and meets eyes with the long lost brother who she has been desperately looking for.

Memories of the Alhambra Episode 14 Afterthoughts

Finally Se Joo is back! Where he came and how he survived will be 101% explained in the finale week. Jin Woo still has to confront his real-life problems. If I may say, I felt a tinge of piercing awww when I saw Jeong Hun again, coming to the aid of his boss.

Episode 14 of Memories of the Alhambra was so nicely done that I am lost for words. Also because I am already looking forward to its finale after tying up majority of the loose ends in the last 14 episodes.

Will there be a fix for the game so it can be launched to save Jin Woo’s company? Will our hearts be broken or will we be smiling on the concluding week? Will there be a happy romance ending for Jin Woo and Hee Joo? Will there be a happy – entirely happy last week after all that happened in the narrative?

Fans can watch on tvN and Netflix.

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