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Will it be a heartbreaking or gratifying finish for Memories of the Alhambra on its last chapter?

Sprinting to its closure, the hero of Memories of the Alhambra is set to confront a final sacrifice. Will he get a happy ending that he so deserves given his long painstaking journey?

Memories of the Alhambra

One of the most inventive television series produced in the recent years, the imaginative approach of Memories of the Alhambra coupled with its stellar cast has been driving its ingenious story every week in a gripping manner.

Portraying the main hero of the series, Hyun Bin has embraced his role as the investment CEO Yoo Jin Woo, who is forced to solve the cryptic happenings inside an augmented reality game which his company aims to launch.

From acquiring the rights to the game created by Se Joo (Chanyeol), he inevitably creates connection with his sister Hee Joo (Park Shin Hye). Untangling the ambiguous rules of the game that made Jin Woo appear delusional, hits a culminating stride when unexpected betrayals befell on him.

Slowly but surely racing to unravel the mystery while surviving in his arduous journey, he is left with an agonizing choice to cross another uncertainty that might make him leave the first woman who genuinely loved him.

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The Escape from the game dungeon

Finally returning to the real world, Se Joo receives his family’s embrace. Still shaken on the trauma he suffered regarding Marco’s fate, Se Joo remains silent and troubled.

When Jin Woo apparently handed the key to Emma, Se Joo is released from a secret dungeon inside the game he created. He has hidden himself because of strange attacks he was getting when the game glitch erupted. He can only be freed when a level 100 player successfully gives the key to Emma as part of the game quest.

Memories of the Alhambra

Game limbo

Alerted of Se Joo’s return, CEO Park heads to Ilsan since no news has been received from Jin Woo. However, a call from Jin Woo’s physician bothered CEO Park, and reverts direction to go to the hotel where Jin Woo was brought by his doctor.

It turns out that the key is a pointed object which needs to be pierced to the game quester to clear the game bug. Unable to bear the pain from the punctured weapon in his heart, Jin Woo frees himself from Emma’s grasp. Groping his way out after the failed debugging attempt, he reaches a restaurant and is luckily found by the owner who called his doctor.

Because of Jin Woo being a fugitive, his doctor brings him to a hotel and phones Professor Cha, who is also in Seoul because of his daughter-in-law’s suicide attempt.

Professor Cha heads to Jin Woo’s hotel and broods on the problem he initiated that has blown out of proportion. When Jin Woo wakes up, he demands a written confession from the man he used to look up as a second father to rectify his wrongdoings. But the pride of the old man has had him harshly disappointed Jin Woo yet again.

memories of the alhambra

A storm after a storm

Stuck from the unforeseen trauma brought about by the game he created, Se Joo shows panic attacks while blabbing incoherent words that baffles his family. Aware of why her brother strangely behaves, she assures him that she believes him.

Learning that Se Joo is not aware of who Jin Woo is, Hee Joo worries about what happened to him after completing the quest.

Professor Cha brilliantly foresees his looming fate that would shatter his life to pieces. That’s why he came ready when he heads to where Jin Woo is. Advising an official at J One Holdings for a game test in the hotel where they are staying, the old man goes inside the comfort room just as high-level NPC villains swarm the room to attack Jin Woo.

When no bullet sounds can be heard anymore, Professor Cha goes out from hiding and finds feeble Jin Woo slumped on the floor. Just then, Hyung Seok’s game wraith appears keen to wield his sword at the frightened villain.

The game signals Jin Woo losing his ally just as he fires a bullet to approaching Hyung Seok aiming to strike his sword at him.

memories of the alhambra
Jin Woo’s last sacrifice?

Director Park finds Professor Cha’s unconscious body inside the hotel with no sight of Jin Woo.

Mustering his depleted energy, Jin Woo goes out at the thought of missing Hee Joo, but is unable to let her know that he is in front of her house.

In the morning, Hee Joo checks the milk bag and finds her car key. She wanders desperately to find if he is still in the area to no avail.

As Hee Joo weeps and yearns for the man she loves, the game character who shares her face accepts the key from Jin Woo – intent to continue deleting the game glitch at a risky cost if Jin Woo can survive it.

Memories of the Alhambra Episode 15 Afterthoughts

It’s amazing how Memories of the Alhambra kept up its magic to a level that viewers can’t question the bends and surprises thrown by the story along the way.

Even then, I like how Writer Song is so ambitious in creating worlds and rules inside it, in her stories. She has certainly made sure that keen eyes won’t find fault to the inserted twists and surprising bends in her new series.

Cheering Jin Woo in the last 15 episodes, I honestly just want him to escape the excruciating two worlds he has to live. If no happy ending comes in his way, that’s okay. I just want him to rest. I am saving my final thoughts on the full review of the series so stay tuned for it.

Watch the finale episode of Memories of the Alhambra tonight on tvN and Netflix.

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