“Miracle” Starring SF9’s Chani and Hwiyoung Plus Kang Min Ah Schedules Streaming Slot On Viu

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An inspiring and realistic drama is underway for Viuers in Miracle!

Miracle is a romance drama about how young people overcome their struggles to achieve their dreams.

A romance drama about idols, it stars Sorin (Kang Min-ah), an aspiring idol whose dreams were dashed after a traffic accident.

She then works at COA Entertainment, a management company housing global star Luis.

Because of a scandal, his career goes up in smoke. From there, he finds solace with So-rin. Hence, they start falling for each other.

Meanwhile, Sorin’s best friend Siwoo, realizes his own dream of becoming a K-pop idol.

He debuts as a member of a boy group under the same management company.

Kang Min Ah made a name in Beyond Evil, Memorist and A Teen 2. This is her next project after playing the lead role in At A Distance Spring is Green.

Next, Kang Chan Hee is known for his roles as the young version of lead actors in numerous dramas.

Notably, he appeared in the hit series SKY Castle and left lingering special appearances in True Beauty and Imitation.

Hwiyoung previously played the role of Kang Lee Hyun in the well-received youth series Imitation.

Miracle will premiere on Viu start 24 June 2022, with new episodes every Friday and Saturday.



PR Source: Viu