Mount Jiri Confirms Exclusive Overseas Broadcast On iQIYI

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Eagerly-awaited Korean drama, Mount Jiri, just sealed iQIYI as its newest partner.

AStory, the production company of Mount Jiri, announced that it sold the exclusive license to broadcast overseas to the giant Chinese entertainment platform.

Except for Korea and China, it will be simultaneously aired all over the world through iQIYI.

Founded in 2010 by Chinese multinational technology company Baidu, iQIYI has steadily introduced Korean dramas and movies, original Chinese variety shows and Japanese anime on its platform, to cater to its growing millennial following beyond China.

Powerhouse Creative Team Meets Hallyu A-Listers

Featuring scenes of activities such as rescue operations of visitors by national park ranger, Mount Jiri also highlights the protection of the ecosystem.

A reunion on both sides for writer Kim, she partners again with top-tier actress Jun Ji Hyun, with whom she worked previously in with a cameo appearance in Kingdom 2. Tapping again her reliable male lead, Ju Ji Hoon, the Kingdom actor targets another hit series with Mount Jiri.

As if the above lineup is not formidable enough, the powerhouse cast and production team will be joined by Director Lee Eung Bok. His works in Descendants of the Sun, Mr. Sunshine and Goblin have cemented his stature as sought-after Korean series’ orchestrator.

Rounding up the main cast are respected character actors Sung Dong Il and Oh Jung Se.

The production cost of Mount Jiri is estimated to be 2 billion won per episode. Of these, it is expected that more than 80% of the total production cost was preserved through a contract with iQIYI.

Mount Jiri has commenced filming on September 18. It is scheduled to air in 2021.


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