Jun Ji Hyun & Ju Ji Hoon Suit Up As National Park Service Rangers In Kim Eun Hee Drama “Mount Jiri”

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There’s a lot to be excited about on the pairing of two top-tier Hallyu celebrities in Mount Jiri!

The famed Kingdom screenwriter teamed up with acclaimed director, Lee Eungbok; and A-listers Jun Ji Hyun & Ju Ji Hoon for her latest venture. With the famed national park in the background, the cryptic enthralling series confirmed the cameras will start to roll mid-September 2020.

Accordingly, the National Park Service under the Ministry of Environment announced that a business agreement with A Story Co., LTD is in place for the production of Korean drama Mount Jiri.

The collaboration ensures the park as the filming site would generate popularity for locals and tourists alike. Along with that, development of related products is underway.

Powerhouse Creative Team Meets A-Lister Actors

Featuring scenes of activities such as rescue operations of visitors by national park ranger, Mount Jiri also highlights the protection of the ecosystem.

A reunion on both sides for writer Kim, she partners again with top-tier actress Jun Ji Hyun, with whom she worked previously in with a cameo appearance in Kingdom 2. Tapping again her reliable male lead, Ju Ji Hoon, the Kingdom actor targets another hit series with Mount Jiri.

As if the above lineup is not formidable enough, the powerhouse cast and production team will be joined by Director Lee Eung Bok. His works in Descendants of the Sun, Mr. Sunshine and Goblin have cemented his stature as sought-after Korean series’ orchestrator.

Jun Ji Hyun preps to play the role of Seo Yi Gang, the best ranger at Mount Jiri National Park. She knows the vast mountain park like the back of her hand. By instinct, she knows every nook and corner; as well as tattered roads, rock walls and cliffs.

Transforming to Kang Hyun-jo, a new ranger at Mt. Jiri National Park is Ju Ji Hoon. He is a former army captain who has a secret that no one can tell.

On September 04, it was also announced that reliable character actor Sung Dong Il joins the powerhouse cast. While Jun Ji Hyun and Ju Ji Hoon suit up for the role of rangers, he takes on the role of eldest ranger.

The actor recently wrapped up tvN’s travel variety show House on Wheels. His presence in various dramas has been met with acclaim especially in his father roles in the Reply series, Miss Hammurabi and the recent series The Cursed.

Targeting 2021 for its airdate, the broadcast channel is yet to be announced.

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