“My Holo Love” Teases With Extraordinary Romance Story In Its First Video Trailer

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A unique love triangle spins the story of My Holo Love!

Coming February, the love month gets more exciting with Netflix’s newest romantic treat. Starring Ko Sung Hee and Yoon Hyun Min, My Holo Love is set to begin its love journey on February 7.

My Holo Love


My Holo Love threads on the plot of three extraordinary characters. So Yeon, played by Ko Sung Hee (Suits, While You Were Sleeping), has lived a recluse life due to her face blindness disorder. She then meets Holo, a perfect AI assistant who soon creates a connection with her.

However, Holo realizes his limit being a robot with artificial intelligence. At the same time, his developer Nando, slowly develops feelings for So Yeon as he witnessed her interaction with Holo. Yoon Hyun Min (Witch at Court, Tunnel), challenges dual role portraying the characters of Holo and Nando.

So Yeon breaks her lonely solitary life

In the released video teaser, Ko Sung Hee’s character – So Yeon is introduced living a lonely existence. Then, by wearing eyeglasses, she finds a new meaning in her life. She meets high-tech AI hologram – Holo and changes her daily routine.

At the end of the video, drunk So Yeon is revealed interacting with Holo. However, when she kissed him, her lips lock to a real person.

Billed to create a sentimental relationship between the pictured characters, Holo’s devotion to So Yeon, who has been silently yearning to feel the warmth in her solitary life, will be one of the drawing points of the drama. Additionally, the hinted love situation between So Yeon and Nando – Holo’s developer, piques interest as well.

Directed by Lee Sang Yeob (Familiar Wife, Shopaholic Louis), the series is penned by renowned screenwriter Ryu Yong Jae of Time Between Dog and Wolf fame.

In an interview, Director Lee said, “This is an emotional romantic drama about young people who seem to have glamorous lives but are suffering from broken hearts. What is especially intriguing is one of the main character’s existence as an AI hologram. This drama is about a unique love triangle and a heartwarming contemporary story of togetherness.”

My Holo Love will premiere on February 7, 2020, exclusively on Netflix.

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