K-Drama Premiere: “My Secret Romance” Baits With Passionate One Night Candied Love Encounter

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‘My Secret Romance’ marks K-drama rom-com bulletpoints sweetly.


My Secret Romance has just premiered via OCN on April 17. When the news of OCN taking a romantic comedy hits dramaland, everyone was baffled on why it deviated from the gritty and action themed stories it usually airs.

My Secret Romance

The gamble looks promising as Godin Media and PD Kang Chul Woo of last year’s cable drama favorite Something About 1% seems intent in drowning with some mushy romance.

My Secret Romance opened with a sweet bang, placing an ardent one-night encounter between the main leads as a kick-off twist.  Sung Hoon, from last year’s hit drama Five Children, plays the role of a typical mischievous chaebol son, Cha Jin Wook. He was exiled by his father to their hotel in Gangwon Province.  There, he met Lee Yu Mi (played by Song Ji Eun), whom he had a series of awkward moments, starting from her accidental sitting on his lap in their bus ride and bumping her with a cake trolley cart.  They agreed to wash away their life problems by the beach and a bottle of wine.  When they got intoxicated, they ended up sharing a romantic episode that night.


my secret romance

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

It sure is a fast-paced story as it jumped to three years later when they meet again.  Lee Yu Mi takes a job as a nutritionist in a men’s underwear company.  When Cha Jin Wook learned that the girl, who left him after their fervid one-night stand, works in his company, he is determined to get an answer on why she left him in the next morning and why she is still lingering in his thoughts.

Tailored in Korean signature rom-com, My Secret Romance appears confident in giving a delightful romantic ride to K-drama fans.

Catch it on OCN every Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m KST.

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