tvN’s “My Unfamiliar Family” Shows Warmhearted Kinship In Official Drama Poster

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tvN presents an illustration of what ordinary family looks like through the official posters of  the new series, My Unfamiliar Family.

My Unfamiliar Family acquaints viewers into a special story of a family that treat each other as strangers; and strangers treating each other as family.

The new tvN Monday & Tuesday drama released a teaser poster emanating bliss and comfort. It features Han Ye Ri, Kim Ji Suk, Choo Ja Hyun, Jung Jin Young, Won Mi Kyung and Shin Jae Ha.

While wearing their brightest smiles and warm gazes, viewers began wondering about the secrets behind their unusual relationship.

Family-like strangers vs Stranger-like families

The phrase “Are we in a difficult relationship?” in the poster piques interest in relevance with the story of this family.

my unfamiliar family

My Unfamiliar Family also explores family misunderstandings and agreements. Importantly, it centralizes the distinction between family-like strangers and stranger-like families.

As parents and children grow old, they tend to spend less time together and secrets build up. In fact, it becomes natural because of the situation as family members. Meeting people who share the same sentiments and secrets frequently happens.

A person’s tendencies in understanding his own wounds and secrets, particularly in a complicated relationship will be deeply portrayed. With the actors life-like depiction, expectations from the drama ignites.

Meet the main cast of My Unfamiliar Family

my unfamiliar family

Painting the face of youth, Han Ye Ri transforms into Kim Eun Hee, the family’s second daughter. She possesses positive outlook in life and is caring towards everyone. Kim Ji Suk characterizes Park Chan Hyeok, a male friend who is like a family to Kim Eun Hee.

Choo Ja Hyun presents her character Kim Eun Joo, the family’s eldest daughter. A former patent attorney, Kim Eun Joo is a cold-hearted realist.

Veteran stars Jung Jin Young and Won Mi Kyung appear as parents of their three children. Kim Sang Sik (Jung Jin Young) is the father who carries the weight of being the main provider. Won Mi Kyung portrays the role of Lee Jin Sook, a mother of three children.

Meanwhile, Shin Jae Ha sit in as Kim Ji Woo, the youngest son intact with gender sensitivity.

The drama dedicates rollercoaster emotions while presenting pragmatic stories of ordinary people that anyone can sympathize.

“Please look forward to the synergy of actors in bringing sincere portrayals and entrust empathy with their respective characters,” the production team quoted.

tvN’s My Unfamiliar Family will soon air on June 1 at 9PM KST.

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