Namgoong Min Displays A Spirited And Exceptional Character in Stills For Newest Drama Series

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Playing a lawyer for the first time, Namgoong Min is back on SBS with an upcoming weekend drama.

Namgoong Min returns to the small screen via legal action drama One Thousand Won Lawyer (literal title). On August 19, SBS released images showing off the actor’s latest leading role. The series is about Cheon Ji Hoon, an attorney with an unorthodox style.

He is skilled and considered the best in the field. However, he dedicates himself to helping destitute clients and those lacking connections. He charges 1,000 won for his lawyer’s fee and is not afraid to take on cases against influential and wealthy individuals.

Nam Goong Min

In the stills, Namgoong Min embodies the duality of his character Cheon Ji Hoon. He exudes confidence and intelligence with his sharp and penetrating gaze while inside a courtroom. Though dressed in luxurious three-piece suit, along with his permed hair, there is an air of gaiety with his fashion and demeanor outside the court.

Viewers can expect another exciting and great performance from Nam Goong Min who is known to completely immerse in every role he portrayed. One Thousand Won Lawyer is Nam Goong Min’s follow up drama with SBS, after starring in 2020 series Stove League.

Also starring in the drama is actress Kim Ji Eun, who previously worked with Nam Goong Min in the action-packed series The Veil. Actors Choi Dae Hoon, Lee Dok Hwa, Park Jin Woo, and Gong Min Jeong are part of the cast as well. Directors Kim Jae Hyun and Shin Joong Hoon take the helm of the production. Meanwhile writers Choi Soo-Jin and Choi Chang-Hwan are in charge of the script.

One Thousand Won Lawyer will air its first broadcast in the second half of this year, taking over the spot of the currently airing drama Today’s Webtoon.

Source: Xporstnews