Netflix Unveils Emotional “Hymn Of Death” Video Teaser

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Layered with tragic colors, Hymn of Death threads on a heartbreaking love narrative.

Netflix, the world’s leading entertainment service, has just released the official trailer of Hymn of Death, a tragic Korean drama love tale, which will be available beginning December 14.

Hymn of Death

(Photo courtesy of Netflix)

Based on the heartbreaking love story of Korea’s first soprano Yun Sim Deok and her genius playwright boyfriend Kim Woo Jin, Hymn of Death has been re-imagined in various formats including plays, films and musicals through the years.

It has tapped actors Lee Jong Suk (W and Pinocchio) and Shin Hye Sun (Still 17 and My Golden Life) to play the main love pairing of the narrative.

The three-part series are expected to harbor a lingering impression from the viewers.

Hymn of Death

(Photo Courtesy of Netflix)

Hymn of Death

Lee Jong Suk will show the life of a writer amidst a crumbling nation as Kim Woo Jin, while Shin Hye Sun will bring to life the talented soprano Yun Sim Deok.

In the trailer, a somber melody plays in the background, while Shin and Lee alternately narrate agonizing lines for the characters they portray.

Describing the heartbreaking romantic tale, the drama aims to present a realistic sad love journey between the two.

Hymn of Death will be available in the Philippines, Asia and English speaking territories on December 14. From December 28,  it will be shown in all other territories including Europe.