Yoon Shi Yoon Ignites Curiosity In Teaser Trailer Of OCN Drama “Train”

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Piquing interest, the quick video snippet of OCN’s parallel-universe themed drama, Train, truly engages.

The various sounds from a moving train on its track accompany the flashes of the train backdrop in the latest Yoon Shi Yoon starrer. Introducing the series, the lead actor closes the teaser video with his enigmatic voice stating: “parallel world mystery – Train”.

Scheduled for July broadcast, K-Drama thriller junkies will have the time of their lives with OCN’s latest treat. After all, the network has established its reputation on bringing the best suspense stories in the recent years.

Train tells the story of a man who lost his loved one to a serial killer. Because of that he crosses another dimension to unravel the mystery of his loved one’s death.

OCN Train

Presenting the unique storyline of people with the same faces living in two different world stimulates curiosity. In the released video teaser, the concept of the series evoke the space-time division into blue and black tones in one frame.

A mysterious man walks on the diverted train tracks. The scene changes to two men appearing in the two hinted dimensions.

Billed to be a high-concept series, Train promises mind-adrenalizing experience. Its solid script, delicate production and actors’ passion would sure make a memorable Summer for K-Drama patrons.

OCN original series Train will be broadcast in July 2020.

Source: OCN YouTube channel | Sports Donga

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