K-Drama Couch Recap: “One Spring Night” Episode 2

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One Spring Night launches an honest romance story that veers away from make-believe love.

When is the right time to get married and who is the right person to share your lifetime with — are some of the parting thoughts from the premiere of MBC’s One Spring Night.

One Spring Night

Served in genuine scenarios like a walk to a familiar neighborhood or catching up with your comfort friendship circle, Jung Hae In and Han Ji Min’s new series attracts easily with its tranquilizing mood.

Owing to how it draws familiarity with woes experienced by people searching for the right time to settle down, it is curious to witness how One Spring Night escalates to painful truths for the characters moving in the narrative.

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Registered viewership rating for MBC’s newest offering were at 6% and 5.6%. Considering this year’s trend, the drama kicked off to a highly auspicious beginning.

Introducing a pharmacist and librarian who had a fated meeting when the latter needed a cure for her hangover. Both mutually feel a strange curiosity they have toward each other.

One Spring Night


One Spring Night Episode 2 Recap

From the strange attraction they settled to disregard, Lee Jung In (Han Ji Min) and Yu Ji Ho (Jung Hae In) meet again, when Jung In was pestered by her sister to see her boyfriend Gi Suk. They head to a nearby gym where Gi Suk is playing basketball with club members that include Ji Ho. Later, they head to a samgyupsal feast coupled with a karaoke spree. While in the heat of the fun, Ji Ho excuses himself though because of an urgent matter.

For days, Jung In subconsciously worries about Ji Ho reaching a point of her standing in front of the pharmacy where he works trying to sniff his presence. Suddenly appearing just like she earnestly hoped, they head to a cafe to update about what happened. Reversing his initial refusal to be friends with Jung In, Ji Ho agrees to keep in touch as friends.

Sensing Jung In’s heightening evident coldness, Gi Suk visits her in the evening. Pressured on the marriage talks between them, Jung In breaks the mood coldly by relaying her intention to take a break. Thinking his girlfriend is just feeling pressured, he confidently agrees to give her space not knowing that a part of Jung In’s heart has been swaying and is moving to beat for Ji Ho.

Rushing for some dinosaur books in the library, Jung In meets Ji Ho and his son who visited her in her workplace. Drawn to her new friend’s son, she gets surprised when the little boy asked if she is his mom.

One Spring Night Episode 2 Afterthoughts

The creative team of One Spring Night has probably had 30s to 50s adults in their mind when they design the picture of the story. Specifically those who prefer long-term dating than marriage, or those who wants to settle down, but is saddled by personal situation.

That is exactly what the lives Jung In and Ji Ho have to tackle as their fictional blooming love goes on in the narrative. Having character sketches of ordinary people makes the story relatable because it is easy to understand their perspectives.

While the premiere week really shows a lot of similarity in terms of story structure execution with Something in the Rain, the hinted love story conflict strongly fascinates. Notably, because it already presented the outline of how the love pairing preps to navigate their emotions amidst their existing personal inhibitions. Moreover,  it touches on the significant change on how single people view marriage differently based on personal convictions.

Logically, the weight of the conflict centers on Han Ji Min’s character right now. Conflicted in the growing attraction to a man she barely met, she struggles to separate if the situation is an excuse for her silent yearning to depart from a relationship she has stayed with, out of respect to her parents. At the same time, she cannot deny the force that pulls her in to be with Ji Ho. Our fangirl excuse would naturally lean on how hard it is not to fall in love with pharmacist Jung Hae In, but reality speaking, the inner conflict depicted by Jung In taps to women in general, who has been robbed of their chance to find their own happiness on their own.

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