K-Drama Couch Recap: “One Spring Night” Episode 4

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One Spring Night digs a deeper poignancy as the love tale settles to its fixed predicament.

Scattered emotions put the love pairing of One Spring Night to a pendulum of impasse. On a mutual plight because of the attraction they keep restricting to happen, both may eventually reach to a no-return point in no time.

One Spring Night

Continuously engrossing with its heartfelt storytelling, MBC’s midweek series added layers of perspective making its story more appealing. Sealing the second week, Yu Ji Ho (Jung Hae In) and Lee Jung In (Han Ji Min) confront the gravity of their situation.

From the thrilling closing scene of episode 3, Jung In is visited by the two men, who have been putting her on contemplative mood. Quick to acknowledge Gi Suk’s presence, Ji Ho hides and later answers a call from Jung In. Upset on his disappearance, Jung In questions why he had to hide like they are doing something wrong.

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One Spring Night

In a way, One Spring Night is presenting a detailed picture of how a long-standing relationship falters. Giving a new picture of complicated love, this romance story is unapologetic in peeling off the layers on how infidelity happens. Notably, the creation of the confrontation scenes uses bare and typical settings like pharmacy, library, and restaurant; as oppose to how romantic K-dramas have been staged in scenic background of fireworks or falling petals backdrop.

Jung In’s inbitions

Han Ji Min’s portrayal, of a troubled woman torn between her stable relationship and an attraction she is barely ignoring but subconsciously suffusing her, takes the audience to a whirlwind of emotion. Empathizing her apprehensions, if you have been tuning to the story, you will reach a few girl-make-up-your-mind moments. Understandably, her situation keeps the thrill of the story flowing. While her relationship with her siblings is worth envying, she strives to draw a line on her personal life with her father. Keen to formalize her marriage to Gi Suk, Jung In remains unrelenting.

In one scene when Jung In calls her older sister to faintly pour her heavy heart, we see her helpless side. Something that happens only because of Ji Ho. Her usual strong facade, clear rules and convictions end up always being adjusted when the matter involves the man who shakes her heart in a way she can’t explain.

Ji Ho’s Uncertainty

Dejected on almost being caught with Jung In by Gisuk, Ji Ho heads home to see his son and to have a quick drink with his father. For days, his forlorn mood can’t be consoled. He knows he should stop, but he can’t control his heart. That when he receives a message from Jung In to meet in the pharmacy while sitting beside Gi Suk, he excuses himself to answer her summon.

Confronting the loop they circle on, Ji Ho comes clean to firing up the slow burning flame they both feel. Even confessing that he would have pinned the blame on her. Countering his admittance, Jung In acknowledges how she is more lame for pushing the connection, and finding excuses to be with him.

Episode 4 Afterthoughts

Threading simple yet heartfelt strips of poignant moments, One Spring Night surprisingly hooks you with its narrative flow. It’s the kind of love story that people in real life would encounter often — even love to gossip about. The approach to fully disclose the perspectives of people involved in the depicted love triangle has uniquely captured the sentiments of the characters. All painfully honest, all equally justifiable.

Treat yourself with this stunning story each week via MBC. One Spring Night is streamed on Netflix every Wednesday and Thursday, an hour after its Korean broadcast.


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