K-Drama Couch Recap: “One Spring Night” Episode 5

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One Spring Night has this knack for sedating the audience, only to come strong on its dying minutes.

In episode 5 of One Spring Night, Lee Jung In (Han Ji Min) made a faint step in letting Yu Ji Ho (Jung Hae In) know that he really matters to her.

One Spring Night

Based on Nielsen’s tally, the series shows strong numbers on the second part of its four back-to-back episodes on its Korean broadcast. For those watching on Netflix, the video streaming platforms takes two episodes weekly.

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One Spring Night

Episode 5 Highlights

Circling Impasse

Inside Ji Ho’s car, Jung In refuses his request to let him see her from afar. As both of them are at point of having episodes of wanting to see each other, she remarks his selfishness for not considering that she feels exactly the same thing.

Dropping her off, Ji Ho makes a final request for them to stop the relationship they can’t label.

Jung In’s outburst

Over at dinner the next day, Jung In and Gi Suk talk about Si Hoon’s loan and went on the topic about their marriage. Eventually, it turned both their moods sour.

Outside the restaurant, Jung In’s emotions’ burst and rants about how she knows his parents do not like her. In tears, she painfully confessed how Gi Suk does not know the weight she carries knowing how his parents disapprove of her. Trying to appease her, Jung In remarks how he has disregarded that reality, and has not done anything about it before walking away from him.

One Spring Night

The woman who knocks on Ji Ho’s door

Finding herself in front of Ji Ho’s apartment, Jung In knocks on his door. Surprised at her appearance, he explains why he did not pick up her calls. He clarifies the agreement they had and gets mad for her stubbornness. Cutting his thoughts, she covers his lips with her hand and starts to cry. To appease her, Ji Ho takes her for some dinner and coffee before he drives her back to her place.

The man Jung In lets in her heart

Hesitant to another ambiguous moment with Jung In, Ji Ho rests his head on his car to breathe. That’s when Jae In and his friend spot him. Jae In catches up with Jung In near the elevator and tells who she saw outside and asks if they can come in for coffee. She nonchalantly agrees, and it was too late to realize that Ji Ho will also be coming in.

Rushing to clean her crib, the three arrive and her sister and Ji Ho’s friend decide to get some food and drinks.

Alone together in her place, they exchange meaningful stares ang suppressed smiles. Just then, Jung In’s phone rings and she picks up Gi Suk’s call who asked her why she wants to talk.
Looking at Ji Ho’s eyes, Jung In bravely utters her intention to break up.

One Spring Night

Episode 5 Afterthoughts

Since day 1 of One Spring Night, I have been trying hard to decipher how complex Jung In’s love perspective as a woman. I mean, I think most female followers of the series are baffled on her indecisiveness.

Pictured as a headstrong woman, she will do what she deems she deserves. Thus, I struggle to understand why she has to endure a long-term relationship that does not make her happy. This episode, she revealed knowing how Gi Suk’s parents don’t even like her. So, is it her being an obedient daughter to her father that caused her to stay? Or there has been no other guy she met in the last few years that swayed her heart like Ji Ho did?

To be honest, while the story resonates, if we the story keeps firm on presenting irresolute and relenting main characters, it will be emotionally exhausting.

While One Spring Night uses a soothing tone and relatable love story, it has to move and not stay on the conflict it presented since its premiere.

Will Jung In finally brave the odds to be with Ji Ho on tonight’s episode of One Spring Night?

One Spring Night airs on MBC every Wednesday and Thursday.

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