Ong Seong Wu, Shin Ye Eun & Kim Dong Jun Team Up With “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty” Director For New jTBC Drama

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jTBC gears up for new youth drama by tapping Ong Seong Wu, Shin Ye Eun and Kim Dong Jun.

Slated to broadcast in the second half of 2020, 경우의 수 More Than Friends (working title), aims to stream romance stories of youth in their 20’s.

Depicting a love story that spans ten years, More Than Friends covers themes focusing about unrequited love. It touches on the idea of the emotions of a woman harboring long-standing love to her friend who realized late that he feels the same. Friendship is also an expected element in the story.

Marking his return on the small screen, Director Choi Sung Bum, of the hit youth drama, My ID is Gangnam Beauty, takes charge of the production. Penning the script is Cho Seung Hee, an artist who won the 2017 jTBC script competition with emotional power.

For his first starring role in jTBC drama At Eighteen, Ong Seong Wu amazed the viewers. Drawing impeccable emotions to the various faces of inexperienced youth, he takes on a new challenge. He is set to portray a young man who loves photography. Brimming with self-confidence, he is perceived as self-centered. But his life changes, when he meets the character of actress Shin Ye Eun.

Expressing excitement with his new work, Ong hopes his followers look forward with great interest to his new drama. As it is his first romantic-comedy challenge, he promises a spectacular youth romance for fans.

Ong Seong Wu

Streaking dramas left and right, Shin Ye Eun has come a long way since web drama, A-Teen. The actress piques interest to her latest character to personify – a woman who is under the curse of unrequited love. Utterly devoted, her transformation to get through a tiring love situation will be made more endearing as she interacts with Ong and Kim’s characters.

Overflowing with charms, Shin felt honored and grateful to greet fans with a new work. “I am happy to be able to join in a warm drama. I will do my best to repay the expectations as many people believe and support me,” Shin said. Currently, the actress stars on KBS2 drama, Meow the Secret Boy.

Shin Ye Eun

Rounding up the main cast is Kim Dong Jun, whose versatile appeal has had attracted viewers’ attention. His projected character is an ideal man who has amazing talent, appearance, personality and academic background. However, an emotional scar from his past has let him closed his heart. Upon meeting a special woman who resembles himself, his heart moves again.

Sharing how engrossed he was upon reading the script, Kim looks forward to his new character and hopes to impart his feelings well. Recognized for his sound portrayal in recent jTBC legal drama, Chief of Staff 1 and 2, the singer-actor propels a strong addition to the cast lineup.

Kim Dong Jun

Inviting fans to jTBC’s upcoming romance series offering, the production team remarked the remarkable chemistry of the main leads. Additionally, the romantic-comedy is a sure exciting and sweet treat as it realistically describes romance in the diverse point of views of its characters.

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