Park Bo Young & Seo In Guk Foreshadow Unique Relationship In Character Poster For “Doom At Your Service”

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Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk will be bound by a contract due to their inevitable fate in the new drama, Doom at Your Service.

The upcoming tvN drama, Doom at Your Service, tells the story of an ordinary woman who has met a terrible fate. To escape her dooming destiny, she risked her life by entering a contract with Myul Mang, an otherworldly being. His name, which translates to ‘destruction’, signifies his whole existence as someone who is the reason for everything that disappears.

Doom at Your Service

Park Bo Young

Park Bo Young will portray the role of a web novel writer named Tak Dong Kyung. She decides to bet her love and life on the line due to an unexpected fate who intervened her mediocre life.

In the individual character poster, Park Bo Young is featured being surrounded by the pink and purple glow. While looking towards the vast sky, her faint smile and warm gaze were shown on her face.

Particularly, the phrase “A human who decided to risk her love to avoid vanishing” hints what her character is all about.

Doom at Your Service

Meanwhile, Seo In Guk takes on the role of Myul Mang, the mediating manager between gods and humans. He is a special being who devotes his compassion and love to an unexpected person that has suffered a terrible fate.

Contrary to Park Bo Young, Seo In Guk radiates a blue light, which gives off a cold vibe. He portrays a gloomy atmosphere through his wistful eyes and lonesome expressions. His poster reads, “being that is the reason for everything that disappears.”

Doom at Your Service

Looking at the character posters, expectations truly heightens about how the romance between two different kinds of being, both entangled in a contract, will eventually bloom.

The drama is directed by Kwon Young Il (My Unfamiliar Family) and written by Im Me Ah Ri (The Beauty Inside). It is co-produced by Studio & New and Studio Dragon.

Meanwhile, Doom at Your Service will premiere on May 10 at 9 PM KST, following Navillera.

Watch the first teaser below:

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