Park Byung Eun Learns Parenting Skills As A Single Father In “Oh My Baby”

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Park Byung Eun tries his absolute best to raise a child in his latest tvN drama.

On April 11, tvN released new photo stills of Park Byung Eun who is seen taking on the role of a single dad. He looks flabbergasted after going through the arduous task of parenting. The stills draw sympathy for the beginner father who is very affectionate towards his kid.

Park Byung Eun

tvN’s upcoming drama Oh My Baby is about a woman, Jang Ha Ri (Jang Na Ra), who wishes to skip marriage and only have children. However, suddenly three men walk into her life. An exciting romance is about to occur between Jang Ha Ri and her suitors.

Aside from Jang Na Ra, the drama features Go Jun, Park Byung Eun, and Jung Gun Joo in key roles. They are the men in Jang Ha Ri’s life who try to win her over with their unique charms.

Park Byung Eun plays the role of Yoon Jae Young, who suddenly becomes a single father and has to deal with this unexpected situation. He is also close friends with Jang Ha Ri.

Park Byung Eun

In the released photo stills, Park Byung Eun is seen wearing a red tracksuit, a hat and glasses with rims. Strapping a baby on his shoulders, he is busy shopping in the mart for baby products as he meticulously check their prices and quality. He also carries a diaper bag on his side, stimulating a great laughter from viewers as they get to see the beginner steps in parenting by a single dad.

Park Byung Eun is a versatile actor who displayed his various personalities across dramas ranging from Because This Is My First Life to KingdomAs such, it can be expected from Park’s character in Oh My Baby to leave deep impression in the minds of the viewers. Moreover, Park Byung Eun’s solo parenting endeavors raises the curiosity of prospective viewers.

Park Byung Eun

Park Byung Eun said, “I am happy to greet viewers through Oh My Baby in a way that can inspire many people. I play Yoon Jae Young, who was suddenly hit with the shock of becoming single parent overnight. Since this is the first time playing a married man and raising a child, I hope to provide laughter to the viewers and emotions in various forms.”

He also added, “Please look forward to my chemistry with Jang Na Ra, who is my best friend, as well as with Go Jun and Jung Gun Joo.”

tvN’s Oh My Baby will broadcast for the first time on May 6 at 10:50 pm KST.

Source: iMBC

Images Credit: tvN

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