Park Hae Jin Reveals Some Interesting Details About His New MBC Drama “Kkondae Intern”

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Park Hae Jin revealed that he chose the script of Kkondae Intern because it made him laugh a lot.

The production team of MBC’s new drama Kkondae Intern released an interview of Park Hae Jin where he talks about the drama, his role and his co-stars.

Kkondae Intern is an office comedy drama that narrates the tale of a delightful reversal of a man’s fate and how he seeks revenge from his horrible former boss, who is now assigned as his subordinate.

Old School Intern

What made Park Hae Jin decide on Kkondae Intern?

Regarding the question on why he chose to work in Kkondae Intern, Park Hae Jin answered, “I had received several scripts at that time. The comedy genre is so popular that most of the scripts were of that genre, but I laughed a lot more reading the script about this drama. So, there was no reason to hesitate anymore.”

Getting into the character

In the beginning of the drama, Park Hae Jin’s character is an intern while later his position gets elevated to a general manager.

On how he prepared for both the positions, he said, “Since the internship part is for a short period, I referred to the interns around rather than analyzing the character. I tried to express a real intern-like appearance without any adjustments. On the other hand, the character of the general manager seems more like a fantasy because there is a combination of dramatic elements along with my acting.”

Park Hae Jin Old School Intern

Chemistry with co-stars

The actor mentioned his Kkondae Intern co-stars, Kim Eung Soo and Park Ki Woong. Park Hae Jin had previously worked with Park Ki Woong in the movie, Cheese In The Trap while this is his first appearance with Kim Eung Soo.

About Kim Eung Soo, he said, “He always leads everyone naturally and comfortably. Though he plays the typical act of a person with old-school thinking, he is actually much more open than anyone.”

Then he proceeded to talk about Park Ki Woong and said, “We don’t have to speak to understand each other. One small gesture and we get the hint on how the other is going to act out the scene. Since we match with each other, it’s comfortable.”

Old School Intern

Reasons to watch Old School Intern

On why should the audience watch Kkondae Intern, the actor answered, “It shows pleasant stories about communication between two generations with different thinking. Also, there are a lot of comical elements that viewers empathize with. I think you will see what the drama is trying to do if you smile and follow comfortably.”

Kkondae Intern is scheduled to premiere on May 20 at 8.55 PM KST via MBC.

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