Park Min Young And Song Kang Confirmed As Lead Stars For Upcoming JTBC Drama

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Another romance-themed drama is currently in the works and its lead stars are none other than two of the hottest Hallyu stars today, Park Min Young and Song Kang!

Nothing can ever stop Park Min Young and Song Kang from dominating the K-Drama realm as they both accept the lead roles for the upcoming JTBC drama titled Meteorological Administration People: Office Romance Cruelty.


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Revolving around a workplace setting, the program will tell the story of workers in the Korean Meteorological Administration, who will experience the love that is hotter than tropical nights and unpredictable than local heavy rains.

It will also mark as the first-ever drama that will center around weather forecasting and will somehow show what truly happens inside the afore-mentioned agency, which remains unexplored up until now. With this, expectations are now rising regarding how the director and the writer of the drama will tie up their ideas to make the show more memorable and entertaining.

Meteorological Administration People: Office Romance Cruelty is the brainchild of writer Kang Eun Kyung, who is known for delivering exceptional stories such as The World of Married and Misty as well as rising writer Seon Yeong. Overseeing the overall production is talented Director Cha Young Hoon, who previously handled record-breaking dramas such as When the Camellia Blooms.


Park Min Young, who stole the hearts of K-Drama fans through her previous roles in Her Private Life and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, will portray the role of Jin Ha Kyung. She is a general forecaster at the second division of the Korea Meteorological Administration, who takes her tasks and job seriously and whose life revolves around rules and work alone. Since she has clear career goals, she tends to draw to a line between work and human relationships.

Meanwhile, Song Kang is now gearing up to take the role of Lee Si Woo, who is in charge of the Special Reporting Division 2 of the Korea Meteorological Administration. Known for his carefree personality and unconventional and humanistic way of thinking, Si Woo has an IQ of 150 and only cares about the weather and how it affects daily human life. He can do anything as long as he has will and determination.

From conquering four straight Netflix series such as Love Alarm and Navillera, Song Kang will surely put more color and charm to Si Woo, just like what he did in his previous roles.


Joining the cast is Yoon Park, who will play the role of Han Ki Joon, an informant in the spokesperson office of the same meteorological agency. Ki Joon is an elite individual, whose lives life logically and straightforwardly. He is known for being a model student all throughout his life and he cannot accept failures easily so he does his best to always show a good and smart appearance. Yoon Park recently appeared in two OCN dramas titled Birthcare Center and Search.

Lastly, Yura will challenge herself by transforming into Chae Yu Jin, a weather reporter for a Korean daily newspaper. She has no intentions of covering the weather forecast at first but eventually fell in love with it while she spends most of her time at the Korea Meteorological Administration. 

The actress slash idol’s last works were Find Me In Your Memory and Now, We Are Breaking Up

Expressing their excitement, the production team of the drama said, “Starting with the first script practice, we are planning to start filming soon. The production team is also highly anticipating what kind of synergy the perfect combination of writers will create. We will prepare passionately this summer and visit the small screen with the best work.”

Meanwhile, Meteorological Administration People: Office Romance Cruelty will air in the first half of 2022. 

Source: Sports Donga

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