K-Drama Premiere: “Extraordinary You” Entices With Energetic Heroine & Hinted Endearing Young Love Stories

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Extraordinary You sails to a refreshing opening week and promising narrative!

Defying her life in an imaginary world, the female lead of Extraordinary You has laid enough reasons for viewers to root for her ultimate goal.

Premiere Week Rating:

Extraordinary You

MBC’s latest youth drama premiered in a fresh vibe utilizing staple elements of a school drama. Resolute to reel its targeted audience, the visual cast entrenched to move in the story has so far established the characters’ back stories, connections and possible trajectories.

Premiere Week Recap

Born to a rich family, Eun Dan Oh (Kim Hye Yoon) attends a school for the elites and has been set for an arranged marriage with Baek Kyung (Lee Jae Wook).

Having a congenital heart disease since she was young, she has been sheltered and pampered, but is in constant sour side with her supposed fiancè.

Things change when Dan Oh notices strange things happening in her life. Aside from seeing visions of the future, she also notices time jumps and missing memories.

Extraordinary You

Soon enough, she realizes that she is a character inside a manhwa. Acknowledging of her situation, unfortunately the rest of the characters in the fictional world are unaware of it, except Jin Min Chae (Lee Tae Ri). He is the handsome cafeteria chef often receiving inevitable adoration from the female students’ population.

Unfazed of her newfound discovery, Dan Oh tries to change her fate. Against the advice of Min Chae, who explained that her being a minor story character restricts her goal. She further learns how her character is controlled by the writer.

Extraordinary You

Additionally, she is often used by the writer to carry on scenes to support the main heroine, Yeo Joo Da (Lee Na Eun), who seems heading to a love triangle between Oh Nam Joo (Jung Gun Joo) and Lee Do Hwa (Kim Young Dae).

Interestingly, Dan Oh grasps a chance to change the events inside the story through a mysterious student who keeps on saving her when she faces dire situations.

Keen to find the student, she scours the campus to no avail. When she tries to grab a stuck umbrella, a familiar hand reach out to help her. Chasing after her savior and the man who can help her foil the writer’s plan, she calls his attention and meets his eyes finally.

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

I demand two hours of Rowoon exposure next week. *chuckles

As I am easy to please when it comes to youth dramas, I can usually be bribed with handsome male leads. So being given five, I am set for a feast. Ultimately, I am happy about it. *wink

At the very least, I appreciate the fast-paced narrative and neat foundation of the story. We know where we are heading so far, and I am all-in to support Dan Oh in her quest to achieve a spin off story to her character. Albeit, challenging the creator of the fictional world she is living in.

Extraordinary You

The air of cryptic notes surrounding Rowoon and Lee Tae Ri’s characters appears to be important pieces of surprises designed to incite depth in a genre perceived to thread on shallow plot movements.

Ideally, I prefer light youth dramas over those that tackle the darker side of being young. Hence, I picked this drama on my already loaded watch list. Apart from that, the imaginative premise just gravitates me into seeing whether an ever after for Extraordinary You involves the main leads achieving happy ending.

Extraordinary You

Theoretically, the ambitious plot undeniably raises excitement. But, on a school set drama with youth characters, honestly the risks are high. That’s why I am not throwing a lot of expectations. I just want a lot of drama moments where I can smile.

So far, the opening week fairly encourages to anticipate more of what the series can offer.

Extraordinary You is aired on MBC every Monday and Tuesday.

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Fans can watch it on VIU.

Image Credit: MBC

Extraordinary You