K-Drama Couch Recap: “One Spring Night” Episode 3

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It’s baffling how One Spring Night hooks the audience to worry about its love conflict just on its third serving.

Barely introducing the series as a whole, MBC’s new drama subtly added weighty scenarios to be challenged by its love pairing.


One Spring Night

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Last week, the drama introduced Yu Ji Ho (Jung Hae In) and Lee Jung In (Han Ji Min) as “new friends” who attract each other the first time they met. Additionally, Jung In is in a long-standing relationship while Ji Ho is a single father. Hence, they agree to disregard the mutual fondness and be regular friends.

To make the character connection complicated, Ji Ho is in the same basketball club as Jung In’s boyfriend Gi Suk. Ji Ho, who has not entertained love for the longest time finds a woman he wants to love, but is torn with the foreseen conflict it entails if he pushes for it. Meanwhile, Jung In can’t deny how the new guy she met occupies her thoughts and heart. The pressure to marry her boyfriend is not helping her predicament either.

For episode 3, the story continues on the cliff-hanging first meeting of Ji Ho’s son Eun Woo and Jung In, where the former asked if Jung In is his mother.

Eun Woo’s Question

Caught off-guard on Eun Woo’s question, Jung In responds tactful on the situation when Ji Ho instinctively scolds his son. At home, he inquires with his parents if his son has asked the same question, to which they respond not hearing about at all. They decide to reveal everything to Eun Woo when the right time comes.

On his way to his place, Ji Ho bumps with Yeong Ju, who has started to piece out her friend’s situation. After receiving a message from Ji Ho, Jung In can’t help but smile which was captured by her sister, who thought she was smiling because of Gi Suk.

Vitamins for Jung In

Getting a surprise visit from Gi Suk, Ji Ho greets him at the pharmacy where he is working. Obliging his request to buy vitamins and supplements for Jung In and her parents, Ji Ho selects a few and even gives good discount. He learns from Gi Suk how Jung In seems to be feeling a lot of stress lately.

Jung In meets Gi Suk to receive the supplements and briefly chats about Ji Ho’s situation. All the while, Jung In tacitly stands on Ji Ho’s side. As soon as she enters her place, Jae In steps out and she receives a call from Gi Suk asking if he can go up for a coffee. She makes an excuse that Jae In is with her, just as Gi Suk sees Jae In hailing a cab proving her lie.

Picking up a call from Jung In, Ji Ho teases how her voice sounds like on the phone. Thanking him for the vitamins, they chat a little and hang up. Gi Suk meets Jung In’s doctor brother-in-law and talks about their relationships with Lee sisters. Unaware that the two’s marriage is on the rocks, Gi Suk affirms to his request to help him with a loan.

One Spring Night

The line that can’t be crossed

At another dinner table, Ji Ho eats with his friend who is also in good terms with Jae In. Sharing a vague story of the girl he started to like recently, his friend urges him to go on with his new love conquest. But he bitterly smiles.

At a nearby eating place, Jung In answers a phone call from Ji Ho. Discovering he is across the street, she learns that he is on his way home. Telling he suddenly misses her that’s why he called, Jung In reminds her of their friendship status. Further explaining that she does not know what is considered crossing the line of friendship, she asks Ji Ho what he can do for her. Motioning to cross the distance between them, Jung In stops him from doing so.

A tale of two dinners

Meeting his other friend who is also officemate of Gi Suk, Ji Ho shares his girl problem over beer glasses. Feeling emotional, he asks his friends if it is okay for him to be selfish and not be deemed greedy about it so he can pursue the girl he likes.

Jung In waits for Gi Suk in front of his office to grab some dinner. Unable to hold his bottled up emotions, he asks Jung In if there is another man involve with her change of heart. Keeping her composure, Jung In denies having one.

A peek to the librarian Ji Ho likes

Busy organizing books, Jung In finally notices Ji Ho who has been silently watching her work from afar. She starts looking to where he went amidst the shelves of books. Just then, Gi Suk also appears in front of her.

Episode 3 Afterthoughts

Whoa! Who would have thought a library scene of a romance drama can be that thrilling?! One Spring Night, narrated in soothing mood, is surprisingly remarkable in drawing riveting episode cliff-hangers.

Additionally, it makes the viewers contemplate on how a change of heart can happen between two people who have been in a relationship for a long time. Was it the lack of strong love? Was there love to begin with? More so, the idea of how the heroine’s dilemma between her stable relationship and blooming romance strangely seems to draw support. Albeit defying its logical rule on relationship fidelity, it just seems to make sense.

One Spring Night brilliantly tests the viewers’ convictions on how they view the problem raised in the love tale. But it all boils down to how the heroine makes a firm stance on whether she will end her current relationship for good, not because of the excitement Ji Ho brings, but because she is truly in love in a way that she never felt before with Gi Suk. Every bit painful, but yes, a change of heart can truthfully happen instantly.

Stories about forbidden love usually draws one-sided opinion. Often, supporting the sentiment of the one who was left behind. Interestingly, that’s exactly the game changer that this new series cleverly brings. Although, as viewers, we just want to root for the best love to be realized.

Don’t miss the beautiful story of discovering love on One Spring Night via MBC and Netflix.