Red Velvet’s Joy Is A Cheerful & Friendly Police Officer In Upcoming Drama “Unexpected Country Diary”

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Joy of popular K-Pop girl group, Red Velvet, is ready to stun viewers with her magical charms in her upcoming romantic drama, opposite Chu Young Woo!

Red Velvet’s Joy is now gearing up to showcase her incredible acting skills once again in the upcoming Kakao TV drama Unexpected Country Diary (literal title).


Based on a web novel of the same name by Park Ha Min, the drama tells the story of a man from Seoul meeting a policewoman while living in the countryside. Along with the love story of the two characters against the backdrop of fresh nature, the drama will depict the joys and sorrows of the pure and humane people of Heedong Village.

Unexpected Country Diary will be helmed by director Kwon Seok Jang responsible for numerous hit dramas such as “Bossam: Steal the Fate,” “Avengers Social Club,” and “Miss Korea.”


Joy will portray the role of Ahn Ja Young, a policewoman who always shows up whenever someone in Heedong Village needs help. No one in the neighborhood hates her and whenever there’s a quarrel happening around, it gets solved as soon as she intervenes. She is very social and friendly, which is the quite opposite of Han Ji Yool (Chu Young Woo), a veterinarian from Seoul.

In the newly released photos of the gorgeous idol as Ahn Ja Young, K-Drama fans can immediately notice how she’s loved by all the residents of Heedong Village. While donning a police uniform, Ahn Ja Young is always accompanied by a bicycle, which she brings whenever someone needs help. 

The way Joy looks at an elderly resident shows that her character is sincere and empathetic. Her smile also radiates a positive vibe, making everything about the upcoming program exciting.

The production team of Unexpected Country Diary commented, “Joy surprised the staff members as she showed more synchronization than expected with her character. Her signature fresh and loving image sparked a refreshing synergy. Please keep an eye on her acting transformation.”

Unexpected Country Diary will air starting on September 5. It is a mid-form drama with 12 episodes that are about 30 minutes long.

Source: Chosun

Photos from Kakao M