K-Drama Premiere: “Romance Is A Bonus Book” Leads On A Noona Romance Plot Keen To Endear Viewers’ Hearts

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There’s something calming and comfy emanating from the premiere week of Romance is a Bonus Book.

Having top actors on-board Romance is a Bonus Book, expectations are a bit high for this new tvN series. Ergo, parading realistic runs right off the bat with characters already familiar in the story set for them is such a breather. A gift for rom-com fans who will be on a happy camping spree in the next eight weeks.

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Romance is a Bonus Book

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Trust writer Jung Hyun Jung in bringing out the beauty of romantic comedies. Her portfolio boasts I Need Romance trilogy, Five Children and Discovery of Romance. Those are popular dramas brilliantly portrayed owing to their emotionally hard-hitting screenplays.

Writer Jung reunites with Director Lee Jung Hyo, and if you love how they used the love couple’s familiarity in the second installment of I Need Romance, then look forward to what they have in store for viewers in Romance is a Bonus Book.

Stirring a huge buzz, fans excitedly welcome the news of Lee Na Young’s confirmed appearance in the new tvN series. The celebrated actress marks her small screen comeback after nine years.

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk expressed excitement working on his first romantic comedy project. After streaking a variety of memorable romance stories, the actor aims to add another remarkable series for his fans.

Romance is a bonus book

Premiere Week Recap

Realizing she is hitting her life’s rock bottom, there’s one thing that Kang Dan Yi (Lee Na Young) kept constant in her life. After a failed marriage and unsuccessfully trying hard to get a job, Dan Yi’s sole solace that does not change is having Cha Eun Ho (Lee Jong Suk); a younger male friend whom she knows would always remain by her side.

On her wedding day, Dan Yi must have felt something ominous is bound to happen on her marriage, that’s why she ran away before the wedding starts. But she did not listen to Eun Ho to escape to another country if she does not want to get married.

Romance is a bonus book

Instead, she went back to complete the ceremony. For years, she has lived as a devoted wife and mother leaving a promising career in the advertising industry.

Meanwhile, Eun Ho lives a comfortable life as a chief editor of a publishing company and a professor. He blames Dan Yi for his inability to commit in a love relationship, yet he instinctively moves to protect her.

Romance is a bonus book

Keeping her divorce a secret to Eun Ho, she has been tending his house to get the money he pays for housekeeping. With nowhere to go and no job to work for in the horizon, her daughter’s school expenses add up to her problems.

Secretly staying in their old house, she officially becomes homeless when she wakes up to the sound of bulldozer ready to break down the house. Fumbling to get all her things in the house, her day gets worse when she misses a job interview and lost a shoe. Fortunately, the shoe finds its way back to her through a man, who has seen her bad day and public moping.

Romance is a bonus book

The noona who has nowhere to go

Having no room to wallow in self pity, she knocks on Eun Ho’s door to seek shelter. She even raises her voice to evade his confronting question intent to keep her remaining pride. While having breakfast, she reveals her divorce much to Eun Ho’s chagrin, who thinks she is just having a regular couple fight with her husband.

Lee Jong Suk

Stumbling on a job opening at Eun Ho’s workplace, Dan Yi musters courage and sets forth to apply at her friend’s office.

While checking on the applicants’ portfolios, Eun Ho sees a familiar name. On cue, Dan Yi enters the room to face Eun Ho as one of the interviewers in the open recruitment.

Needing to get answers on her sudden application, Eun Ho sits down for a coffee with his favorite noona. She re-affirms her divorce, but is unable to put in details on how her life has crumbled to pieces.

Still privy that Dan Yi is actually living in his house, Eun Ho congratulates her on getting accepted as a temporary worker in the company where he is a chief editor.

Joining her fellow new recruits, Dan Yi tries to acclimatize herself to the corporate office she is now part of amidst the age disparity with her fellow newbies.

The noona who secretly lives with me

Friends for as long as they can remember, Dan Yi once saved Eun Ho’s life so they became each other’s fortress. After work on her first day, Eun Ho insists on driving Dan Yi home. But of course she can’t indulge because she is hiding her secret cohabitation with him.

Eun Ho pushes his luck, and she concedes as they drive to his ex-girlfriend’s boutique to get some clothes for her. They part ways and all Dan Yi has to do is to sneak inside his house.

Successful in sneaking in, her tummy unfortunately betrays her. Raiding his kitchen for food, her rummaging alarms Eun Ho – who just realized that Dan Yi has been living in his house without his permission.

Lee Na Young and Lee Jong Suk

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

There are two things that I like about this drama right away. First, I know it will not thread on an exaggerated fan service series. Using excessive kissing frames to indulge the viewers will also not happen. Instead, the stories of the characters will make the narrative matter.

Second, the pragmatic feel of having evident familiarity for the love couple draws the hook factor of the series. Choosing not to take the usual route of chance meeting, but setting the established relationship of the main leads looks more enticing.

In the previous dramas, writer Jung is brilliant on presenting scenes from her characters’ back stories. For that reason, introducing Eun Ho appearing to be that man who watches his “first love” braves the odds to reclaim her honor as a woman easily piques interest. Especially, since viewers can feel the undying fondness he feels towards her.

Romance Is A Bonus Book already announced that it is not going to be shallow on its approach to blend romance and comedy.

If you want something light but sensible, set your weekends to watch this new drama on tvN!


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