K-Drama Couch Recap: “Romance Is A Bonus Book” Episode 10

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We still have three weeks remaining and Romance is a Bonus Book is completing its story deadline spot-on that viewers should expect beautiful days ahead of its finale.

Lee Jong Suk and Lee Na Young look ready for a sprint of refreshing noona romance scenes in the last stretch of Romance Is A Bonus Book.

Romance is a Bonus Book

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A truly comforting watch, this series sprints to a sunny and soothing vibe while narrating an interesting love story. Veering away from negativity, seems to be why I have appreciated its smooth-flowing narrative adorned with career and life lessons on the side.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Dan Yi’s change of heart

Awash in her thoughts, Dan Yi forgets she is walking with Seo Joon. They bid goodbye as she agrees for a high-five while Seo Joon happily savors the moment of feeling her warm hand.

Sensing no sign of Eun Ho, she goes to his room to put the shirt she bought for him. But then she changes her mind thinking it might complicate their situation.

Feeling dejected, Hae Rin pours her out in front of her parents who get mad realizing their daughter was rejected.

Finding the necklace and flowers in her room, Dan Yi bombards Eun Ho with messages. Refusing not to respond, Eun Ho tends to the old man in Gapyeong.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Eun Ho’s hibernation

Advising not to worry, an old doctor tells Eun Ho not to worry about the old man. The latter taps his shoulder for doing a great job caring for him. Later, CEO Kim joins Eun Ho to reassure him of how the old man would be at peace having him.

Ji Yul and Park Hoon sleep in the meeting room while the rest of the team hold a meeting. Always trying to be of help, Dan Yi suggests a book concert to Manager Seo.

At night, Eun Ho reads a book to the sleeping old man:

“Dream and yearn. Love deeply and lastingly. We sleep, rest, and dwell in our momentary joy to recharge ourselves so that we could return to the world full of pain, so that we can have new dreams. Yearn for new things and love once again… deeply and lastingly.”

Romance is a Bonus Book

Eun Ho is back

Hanging out with Seo Joon, Dan Yi mumbles how Eun Ho has not come home in the last three days. Wiping his tears from the book he read, Dan Yi warns how the story would go even more sadder.

Still incessantly sending Eun Ho messages, Dan Yi finally receives a response from her favorite dongsaeng. Teasing her of how much she might have missed him, she runs to his house learning that he is back.

Finding out that he is burning up, Dan Yi nags as she gives him medicine. He asks her if she missed him and she responds how she was worried about him. Refusing to press on her questions, she tells him that they will talk again when he gets better. He asks to keep her hand as he tries to get some rest.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Eun Ho’s Love Confession

Waking up to a more stable state, Eun Ho obediently sits down for Dan Yi’s soup when he woke up.

Asking if she has tried the necklace, Dan Yi replies how he said he does not like her. She asks him when he started liking her but Eun Ho returns the question for her to guess it.

In a sweet and honest confession, Eun Ho looks at Dan Yi’s eyes and tells her that he does not know when he started liking her. Dan Yi remarks how he must have kept it to himself, but he reasons how he can’t lie for so long.

Insisting to give his necklace still, he tells her that giving beautiful things to her is something he has been doing all along.

“Yes, I like you. But I won’t force my feelings to you. So you can keep doing what you want just like you have always done. There’s no need for you to change.”

Assuring her that he has never suffered having one-sided love for her, he tells her how life will go on for him.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Gyeoroo’s new book designer

Ji Seo Joon goes to Gyeoroo for a meeting with Hae Rin for the new book to be launched. Initially having disagreement on the book design theme, Hae Rin gives in to Seo Joon’s suggestion.

After work, Eun Ho suggests dinner so Dan Yi and Hae Rin complete the table. Feeling delighted that Dan Yi didn’t bring out her band aid when Seo Joon got cut while cooking, Eun Ho walks Hae Rin to where she can take her ride.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Meanwhile, Seo Joon walks Dan Yi home. Unable to give the band aid earlier because she was thinking of how Eun Ho would feel, she finally gives him one.

Beaming, Eun Ho greets Dan Yi when she arrives home. Pressing forward, he asks her why she did not give Seo Joon a band aid. Cornered, she reasons she forgets that she has it. With a knowing smile, Eun Ho utters her reason to be impossible to happen.

Unable to hold his elated feeling, Dan Yi asks why he is smiling. Eun Ho then responds how he has a lot of moments with her that he struggled holding back. Confused at what he meant, she asks for an elaboration. He gives her one by inching closer to plant a fleeting kiss.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Episode 10 Afterthoughts

While watching Romance Is A Bonus Book, it has crossed my mind often times if Dan Yi overlooked romantic feelings towards Eun Ho. In episode 10, we got a clear notion that it has always been a one-sided love for Eun Ho.

Dan Yi not seeing Eun Ho as a man before, but going to a direction of seeing him as a man finally appears to be the story’s shining moment. The faster it happens, the more fan service moments the viewers will get to enjoy.

Building on its laidback narration, Romance Is A Bonus Book does not strike with a resounding impact, yet it takes pride of its soothing appeal. It is a kind of drama that you can watch on reruns because of its healing touch.

Who is the old man that Eun Ho rushed to take care of? Will love blossom between Hae Rin and Seo Joon?

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