K-Drama Couch Recap: “Romance Is A Bonus Book” Episode 11

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Rolling in sweets and smiles, Romance Is A Bonus Book eyes the direction that fans have been cheering for.

Episode 11 of Romance Is A Bonus Book slowly thawed Dan Yi’s apprehensions to Eun Ho’s love confession.

Romance is a Bonus Book

As the series goes for its last stretch, we are expecting the love fulfillment for our friend-who-will-turn-lover main leads.

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Dan Yi’s Rest Room Blab

Pretending unaffected, Dan Yi talks to herself about the kiss interlude, completed with the detail about the guy being younger. Her reverie is cut off when Manager Seo emerges from one of the cubicles teasing her of what happened. To make her morning more eventful, Director Go also steps out from the restroom cubicle with a knowing look.

Spreading like a wild fire, Dan Yi’s soliloquy eventually reaches Eun Ho, who overhears two of the staff gossiping about it. Feeling proud of making his favorite noona overanalyzing her emotion, he spots her at the office library. Asking why she skips breakfast, Eun Ho pushes her luck by playing James Dean, bluntly telling how the peck felt nice. She responds to stop asking for his death wish.

Romance is a Bonus Book

A Blast from Ms. Go’s Past

Still assessing on her emotions, Dan Yi overhears Eun Ho and Hae Rin talking about the former’s frustration over rich girl newbie Ji Yul. At the back of her mind, Dan Yi is bothered that pushing romance with Eun Ho will inevitably affect Hae Rin.

After office hours, Manager Seo discusses additional details with Dan Yi. Making an excuse that she is out on a date, Dan Yi declines Eun Ho’s pasta dinner. Ordering some night snack, Ms. Seo and Dan Yi recognize the delivery man to be Ms. Go’s ex-fiance.

Outside, Ms. Go’s fiance waits for her forcing a small talk. Lying that she is married, she listens to him blab about his married life and how he quitted his post in the brokerage firm. Alone in her place, Ms. Go drowns in wine while sobbing and tearing the wedding pictures she took with him.

Spring Cleaning

Convincing herself with “Eun Ho is not a Man” mantra, the spring cleaning is a sweet disaster with Eun Ho refusing to call Dan Yi “noona”. He further teases with her, making him call “oppa” eventually; leading her to throw things at him.

Tending to a small cut on his face, Eun Ho cutely quips how he likes her even more when she hits him. Complete with blushing face, he mutters how he sees himself in her eyes.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Shutting him up, she points out how his face is again beet red. He reasons that his flushed face is caused by happiness. Handing the band-aid, Dan Yi goes to the kitchen and seeks the cold air of the fridge to tone down her blushing face. She further scolds herself for becoming like him.

Last round of I-like-you-noona-themed spring cleaning is Eun Ho, alluding Dan Yi’s resolve to eventually falter. Pushing her back when she asked him to clean another place, Eun Ho makes use of the situation to describe their status.

“You are too weak to push me away. You’re so cute Dan Yi. Stop being cute. You make me want to kiss you again.”

His coaxing stops as Dan Yi gives another warning. But Eun Ho continues his boy-in-love spirit, cleaning the bathroom window pane, writing Dan Yi’s name with soap bubbles while singing happily.

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Day-out with Geum Bi

Sulking that Dan Yi left to go out on a date with Seo Joon, Eun Ho pouts unable to work on his own. It turns out that Dan Yi goes out to walk with Geum Bi while Seo Joon gets some sleep.

After folding their clothes, Eun Ho goes inside Dan Yi’s room and accidentally finds the shirt that his noona didn’t give her.

Knowing that Dan Yi is not with Seo Joon through Hae Rin’s advice, Eun Ho sends a message to Dan Yi to go back home to eat. Choosing to ignore his message, she ends up going home because she left her wallet.

Meanwhile, Hae Rin meets Seo Joon to discuss the draft Seo Joon made. While sharing her thoughts, Hae Rin finally realizes Seo Joon dozed off and lets him sleep on her shoulder.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Dan Yi’s answer

Finally meeting Geum Bi, Eun Ho pats the dog and joins Dan Yi on the table. He explains the whole picture of Dan Yi’s confused mental state, arriving to the point of how she does not like Seo Joon at all.

Asking why she does not want to date him, Dan Yi states her three reasons.

“First reason: You’re not my type.”

Knowing that must have been a joke, Eun Ho proudly dismisses it, citing he is every woman’s ideal type. Dan Yi throws an ice cold water to his remark by citing evidences of his high-maintenance personality. Smoothly responding to her litany, Eun Ho compromises and promises to change.

“Second reason: We can both see through each other.”

Arguing how their 20-year friendship lets them become too familiar with each other, Dan Yi explains how it is not fun to date each other. Again, Eun Ho looks at the silver lining by uttering how they can have fun doing anything together even the mundane activities.

“Third reason: relationship is scary.”

Speaking about how love promises can break like how he has ended his past relationships, Dan Yi runs out of we-cannot-date evidence presentation; when Eun Ho responds how he always knows that she has always occupied his heart.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Dan Yi’s fear

Coming clean to her innermost thoughts, Dan Yi reveals to Eun Ho how she fears not having someone she can lean on if they date and break up.

Appeasing her fear, Eun Ho tells Dan Yi how she has been confessing her love to him and he is her only one. He challenges her to not think of the worst case scenario when they can work on being together for a long time. Recognizing her inhibition when it is clear that her emotions scream she also likes Eun Ho, he tells her that he will patiently wait for her.

Eun Ho goes to the cafe where Hae Rin and Seo Joon met to talk about book cover draft. Almost revealing Dan Yi and Eun Ho’s living situation, he corrects his slip and tells Hae Rin that they all live in the same neighborhood.

A new work week starts with Hae Rin still bothered about Eun Ho and Dan Yi’s connection. Her suspicion rises when she sees Eun Ho wearing the same shirt that she saw last time on Dan Yi’s desk.

At the office, Dan Yi bravely tells Ms. Go that she can be a friend to her if she needs one. Later at night, Dan Yi goes to the book store where Seo Joon is and agrees to have dinner with him.

After dinner, Dan Yi opens up an important conversation and tells that they should stop the exclusive meaningful relationship they agreed on. Having way with words, Seo Joon suggests to fold the page of their book, and tries to open it again if a time will come again to continue it.

Dear Strangers Book concert

Setting up the book concert, Dan Yi takes charge on the event when Ms. Seo fails to go to the concert. Flustered on the sudden responsibility, Eun Ho assures her that he is there to back her up. Team Gyeoroo works together in getting guest audiences when the expected guests sent a late notice of not attending the event.

Hosting the event, Dan Yi stands on the stage to introduce the event. A guest of Ms. Go, who turns out to be from one of the companies that turned Dan Yi down before, senses their encounter somewhere.

Dan Yi goes to Eun Ho’s side when the book reading begins. He clasps his hand onto hers just as Ms. Go learns about Dan Yi’s real identity.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 11 Afterthoughts

Are we really going to prove that romance cannot blossom well with career life? I mean we are almost there, fulfilling the romance that took 20 years to be realized mutually? Why can’t we just let Dan Yi be happy?

So much for being happy about Eun Ho and Dan Yi’s road to romance dream come true. Now, Romance Is A Bonus Book officially made feel sad when I was expecting two weeks worth of fan service.

Career and life lessons have been the driving points on why I like the smooth approach of the series. The love story for me was just an extra perk. Coming from heavy-themed drama exploration, Romance Is A Bonus Book has restorative function to make you feel good after a week’s stressful work.

Will Dan Yi leave Gyeoroo for good? Will Hae Rin and Seo Joon get the closure they deserve from their one-sided romance?

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