K-Drama Couch Recap: “Romance Is A Bonus Book” Episode 12

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Being on an utmost bliss, a heartbreaking horizon shapes up for the heroine of Romance Is A Bonus Book.

Lee Jong Suk’s parting gift before he heads to enlist for military service is a sure hit. Romance Is A Bonus Book is another sweet piece he can add onto the catalog of his well-conceivable dramas.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Almost hitting the penultimate week, a last stretch conflict will require Dan Yi and Eun Ho to be together for a brewing disheartening moment.

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Book Concert Aftermath

It was a successful book concert and Team Gyeoroo join together to wrap up the event. Hae Rin’s parents cutely pull a prank on Eun Ho, but later regret it realizing how Eun Ho is not their daughter’s soul mate.

Thanking the celebrated writer, Dan Yi hands a gift to her before Eun Ho drives her home. Answering a call from Mr. Bong, she directs him to go to the hospital where his ex-wife is.

Meanwhile, Ms. Go chats with her friend who recognized Dan Yi over dinner. Asking for the opinion on how their company will deal with integrity issues on submitted specs upon application, Ms. Go’s friend curtly remarks dismissal.

Feeling over the moon, Dan Yi goes home walking happily when she receives a call from Eun Ho. Learning that she is at the neighborhood park, Eun Ho goes to meet her, all the while listening to her cute blab. Happy on a job well-done at the book concert, she tells Eun Ho how she is happy overcoming a slump.

While staring at her from afar, Dan Yi thanks Eun Ho for making her feel safe by always being at her side. He calls and runs to where she is and gives her a warm swinging hug. They exchange happy shouts of praises toward each other and head home for dinner.

Romance is a Bonus BookRomance is a Bonus Book

Pollack & Cuttlefish

After the book concert, Seo Joon joins Hae Rin for a drink. In one shot, Hae Rin drinks a glass.of beer and begins to describe her current woe. Through dried pollack and cuttlefish, she shares what she thinks of the relationship between Eun Ho and Dan Yi is.

Meanwhile, the couple in Hae Rin’s story looks romantically chummier than usual, stopping by a a street stall to buy some snack while holding hands.

At the hospital, Mr. Bong checks on his son’s condition. Later, he speaks with Ms. Seo, offering for them to get back together for the sake of their son.

Giving a heartbreaking reply, Ms. Seo declines his request.

“Did you think we get a divorce because we fought at the shopping mall that day? Did you sign the divorce paper out of anger? No, you didn’t. We just slowly fell apart over a very long period of time.”

Sleep over at Seo Joon’s House

Receiving a call from Seo Joon, Eun Ho goes to where he is with drunk Hae Rin. Forced to carry his drunk junior, he refuses to bring her in his house because it will wake Dan Yi up.

They end up sleeping at Seo Joon’s place. Embracing each other in the long night, the boys bicker the moment they woke up. They stop when Hae Rin emerged from a room, covered with allergic reaction from her cucumber intake last night.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Idea Contest

It is a new day at Gyeoroo Publishing company. A poster for an idea contest is plastered with the prize money at stake. For the scheduled meeting, Mr. Bong pushes to publish a poetry book. To help them decide, they seek the help of their company’s votation tradition.

CEO Kim explains how during the founding years, they used to decide which book to publish by anonymous votation.

Ms. Go calls Eun Ho to her room to discuss what she found out about Dan Yi. Ordering him to terminate Dan Yi’s contract, Eun Ho takes Dan Yi’s side. It turns out futile since Ms. Go elaborated on the rules set for applicants. Bothered on how he will break the bad news to Dan Yi, Eun Ho helps out with her office errands.

No rice, let’s have a date!

To cushion the looming problem about to happen, Eun Ho checks on his friend to see other work options for Dan Yi. While driving, he spots her walking so she accepts his offer to hop in.

When they reach home, there is no rice so Eun Ho takes advantage of the situation. He smoothly suggests going out for dinner outside, with the secret intention of just having a date with his favorite girl.


The two both struggle to pick the right clothes for their dine-out. They agree to meet after 10 minutes, but they were both sensing if it is the right time to get out of their rooms.

Settled on the car seats, Eun Ho gazes at Dan Yi and tells him that he can no longer wait to do her own realization that she likes him because he knows she does. He inches closer to her and she thought he will give her a kiss. Eun Ho amusingly beams at her closed eyes and fixes her seat belt.

After dinner, they go for a movie date, continuing the saccharine moments they shared while munching food. Making a move, Eun Ho takes her hand. Not paying attention to the movie at all, they knowingly exchange glances. Doodling sweet nothings on each other’s palms, they feel the warmth of their mutual fondness toward each other.

While organizing the groceries they bought, Dan Yi casually mentions Seo Joon’s date of birth. Remembering it to be really April 23, Eun Ho goes to find some old stuff and stumbles a manuscript with crossed-out original title, replaced by April 23. The manuscript is apparently Kang Byeong Jun’s last novel.

Episode 12 Afterthoughts

A probable birth secret twist is something I don’t expect in the story. Leaning towards another setback for the heroine, I am all accepting for Eun Ho to become Dan Yi’s dongsaeng-knight-in-shining-armour. Man, the heroine has done enough to prove she is capable despite a career hiatus. So I hope the seventh week will not disappoint.

Just as we all suspected, the Gapyeong old man seems to be Kang Byeong Jun aka Eun Ho’s father, based on next episode’s teaser. We are also looking on a few emotional confrontations involving Hae Rin and Seo Joon, who harbor feelings toward Eun Ho and Dan Yi.

To be honest, a waning episode conflict that tackled Dan Yi’s integrity issue to secure a job which she is overqualified caused me to brood deep after. You see, I was already prepared for a shower of fan service.

But I trust Dan Yi. I respect how she owned her failures just like how she has owned the slow but sure moments she bounced back from those disappointments. I also trust Eun Ho and the indelible bond he has with Dan Yi.

Romance Is A Bonus Book airs on tvN and is streamed on Netflix.

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Romance is a Bonus Book


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