K-Drama Couch Recap: “Romance Is A Bonus Book” Episode 13

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There are a lot of moments in Romance Is A Bonus Book which all women can relate to.

Just when the heroine of Romance Is A Bonus Book thought she has overcame her slump, it comes rushing to an opposite direction, painfully.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Down to the waning moments of the series, we got another emotional setback for Kang Dan Yi. But this time around, she is not alone to face it.

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Boyfriend in Shining Armor

Knowing the looming fate of Dan Yi, Eun Ho lobbies her career specs to his friends and acquaintances for a job. However, he gets the same response on how the years she went on hiatus is a critical point that will cancel out her excellent specs.

Struggling to erase the aftermath of her drunk behavior, Song Hae Rin goes extra mile in apologizing to Seo Jun. Upon figuring out where he lives, she cutely stalks when he refuses to speak with her other than business dealing. Eventually, she thaws down his heart through her creative attempts.

Eun Ho finds Dan Yi slumped on the floor, working on her entry for the idea contest. Begging for an idea, Dan Yi obliges when Eun Ho asks for a bribe. She reaches to give him sweet pecks, but Eun Ho explains that he has to be fair to all the employees. Reminding her of a study session with fellow newbies, she gets up to prepare for it. Once dressed up, Eun Ho enters her room and places a pretty earring that completes her look. Hugging Dan Yi, Eun Ho mutters he will clean the house while she is out.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Eun Ho’s regret

Returning from the study session, Dan Yi finds some food prepared by Eun Ho. The latter visits Mr. Kang (aka old man) with CEO Kim whose condition is not getting better. His doctor advises to prepare for the worst since the patient has held long enough.

Later at work, Team Gyeoroo stumbles on a web article about the vanished celebrated writer Kang Byeong Jun. At home, Dan Yi welcomes Eun Ho back and tries to scoop about writer Kang’s whereabout from Eun Ho. Knowing the writer is Eun Ho’s mentor, she pushes for details, but he remains tight-lipped.

In passing, Eun Ho shares how his mentor has hurt him in the process of teaching him, citing he is not writing sincerely. He adds how it was Dan Yi who made him a writer since she uploaded his novel online.

Keeping mum on Dan Yi’s probing, the latter concedes to Eun Ho’s silence.


Gyeoroo’s book picking tradition

In the morning, the founders of Gyeoroo enter the office in the same trench coat complete with swag bravado. Explaining how the five founders used to wear the uniforms when they were just building the company to events, the fate of what new book to be launched will be decided that morning.

Succeeding on getting the votes needed, Mr. Bong succeeds in the pitch for the poetry collection he is pushing. When Ms. Seo suggests needing a new staff, the truth about Dan Yi’s real qualifications are revealed.

Resolute on his decision, CEO Kim says no to overlooking Dan Yi’s stay in the company. At the pantry, Ms. Seo talks to Dan Yi and reveals that the truth about her academic status lies are out. In the brink of the painful situation of her contract being terminated, Dan Yi stares blankly in silence.

Romance is a Bonus Book


Tears of Dan Yi

After a few moments, Dan Yi stands up and heads to CEO Kim’s office. Announcing she receives the notice from Eun Ho about her contract termination, Dan Yi confesses the reason for her lie. She narrates how hard she tried to find a job for a year. But she failed doing so.

Explaining how she stumbled on the job posting of age and educational background to be irrelevant, she held on to the last possibility of her securing a job.

With tears brimming in her eyes, Dan Yi said:

“I was over the moon when I got the job. No matter what team I was on, I was just happy to know that I could finally work again. Just so you know, I really did my best here.”

Understanding where she is coming, CEO Kim responds that her circumstance is different. Acknowledging her mistake, Dan Yi responds that she knows she has to pack her things and leaves. However, she pleads for another chance citing how Gyeoroo is becoming her present and future.

Seeking a space for her to be alone, Dan Yi breaks down to tears. Pondering how painful it is to lose a job, she agonizes on how it is hard when a person wants to keep her job but to no avail. Pouring out all the tears she bottled inside, she slumps on the floor helplessly.

Romance is a Bonus BookRomance is a Bonus Book


At home, they talk about her situation. Making her feel that she is not alone, Eun Ho assures her that she will get through it.

In the morning, Eun Ho drops her off at work before heading to his lecture. Just then, Eun Ho receives a message from Hae Rin of Dan Yi tendering her resignation.

Romance Is A Bonus Book Afterthoughts

Just how many women shared Dan Yi’s sentiments of getting back after a career break, we wouldn’t know. Same goes with all the ladies who never have someone like Eun Ho, whom they can run to, when the world is too cruel.

One of my favorite rom-com movies is Someone Special. I think that is how I started to like Lee Na Young and Jung Jae Young. That “please reconsider” scene was another ugly cry for me this year. As I previously mentioned, Romance Is A Bonus Book targets a specific audience. It is light, comfy, realistic yet brims with optimism.

Heading to the finale week, I only wish for Dan Yi’s happiness in career, love and life.

Romance Is A Bonus Book is available on tvN and Netflix.

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Romance is a Bonus Book


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