K-Drama Couch Recap: “Romance Is A Bonus Book” Episode 4

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Completing the second week of Romance Is A Bonus Book are stories of one-sided love and new friendship that will build the connection of the main leads.

For a man and a woman who have been friends for a while, there’s a thin line that separates familiarity and romance. That is so far the drawing point of Romance Is A Bonus Book as it goes to fulfill a love story despite age disparity and friendship.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Smoothly gliding to reveal its story, Romance Is A Bonus Book is a treasure trove of insightful messages about love, life and career so far. It has also combined the lightness of the romantic comedy genre and the emotions of a melodrama.

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The noona who taught me how to drink

Waking up to the sound of his alarm, Eun Ho recalls his drunk trip to Dan Yi’s old house and the hug he gave her. Pretending he is asleep when she knocks on his room, she remarks that she knows he is already awake.

Peeking on his blanket, Dan Yi appears right in front of him and chides him on how he did not learn anything from the liquor lesson she gave him on his 20th birthday.

In flashback, Dan Yi brings Eun Ho to a drinking place and lines up an array of alcohol to celebrate her favorite friend’s coming of age. Clumsily teaching Eun Ho the basics of liquor, Dan Yi lets him drink the wine, whiskey and soju bomb she prepared. However, she ends up getting intoxicated more than Eun Ho did.

Drunk Dan Yi even paid for all the drinks of the people in the pub in celebration of Eun Ho’s birthday. Later on, the latter lectures her for spending unnecessary money, but she responds how at least that money she earned made her feel good since she was harassed in the process of getting that money from a work deal she made.

Romance is a Bonus Book

The woman Eun Ho likes

After Dan Yi’s sermon on Eun Ho’s drinking habits, she asks him where he went last night. He responds to that by saying he went to the house of the “girl he likes”.

Teasing him of why he did not stay with the girl he likes, he blabs how human does not sleep with anyone they like. Casually rambling how she misses steamy nights made Eun Ho blush, and she quips how he is blushing again whenever talks like those arise.

Checking if she remembers how he hugged her last night thinking she did not, she nonchalantly mutters exactly what he is afraid of being brought out.

Romance is a Bonus Book

The stolen blurb

At work, Dan Yi’s first task is to distribute the newly launched book with the blurb she created. Heading out from the room of her immediate boss, Manager Go clarifies she did not steal her idea. She reasons that they just have the same idea. Accepting her answer, Dan Yi replies that it is likely to happen, but she should have told her about it instantly when she handed what she made.

The print shop tour

Eun Ho takes the newbies to the printing shop to witness the shredding of the books that are not sold by the stores – explaining how publishing companies shoulder the expenses of returned damage books that are sometimes intentionally marred by customers.

He adds how books can’t be sold at a lower price because of a fixed price system. Books that are returned can neither be sold nor donated as well. After receiving the small amount of money received from the shredded book papers, they unitedly feel bad about it.

The bad guy who broke my Dan Yi’s heart

Hae Rin arrives at the print shop to pick Eun Ho up so they can go to their restaurant. On their way back, Eun Ho sees Dan Yi’s ex-husband catering to customers in a restaurant which looked to be his own.

Beating his noona’s ex-husband to a pulp, he learns how he lied to Dan Yi on going abroad. He demands him to send money for alimony and their child’s expenses.

Meanwhile, Dan Yi meets Seo Joon again when his dog Geum Bi finds her in the park. He invites her to eat ramyun in his house and sees his painting of her, reminiscent of the first night they met.

Without exchanging the usual personal details, they agree to become neighborhood friends.

The man who invited Dan Yi to eat ramyun with him

Announcing her arrival just as Eun Ho finished a shower, Dan Yi replies she met a male neighborhood friend and ate ramyun with him.

Male and ramyun flabbergasted Eun Ho as his thoughts cutely tries to process why Dan Yi had to do it. Asking her if she does not know what eating ramyun with a man is, he cites the famous film which has been used up to this date in picking up a steamy night with someone.

Instead of understanding his viewpoint, she mutters if she has not been charming enough that’s why nothing happened after eating ramyun. Smirking, Eun Ho tells Dan Yi to be careful meeting people she barely knows.

Dan Yi responds to his woe and said:

“What good comes out of knowing someone well? I just need that one person who fits the bill for me. Someone who I know well, and someone who knows me in return. Just that one person.”

Confirming that “one person” Dan Yi needs, Eun Ho adorably smiles and dances on being picked.



The night Dan Yi comforts Eun Ho with her song

Moving to scout famed book cover designer Ji Seo Joon, Eun Ho and CEO Kim meet him at a cafe. However, it does not turn out well when they touch a topic that involved a best-selling writer – who contributed to Gyeoroo’s popularity.

After a quick drink, Eun Ho drives somewhere to find a quiet time alone. Noticing that Eun Ho is still not home, Dan Yi goes out to wait for him. Unaware that he is sitting on a wooden swing in the garden, she starts humming a song comforting Eun Ho at the same time.

Finally their eyes lock and she goes to sit beside him. Eun Ho utters how just like her, she is also that one person for him. That one person who knows him well and will always give the benefit of the doubt.

Eun Ho asks Dan Yi to sing a song for him, and his noona gladly obliges as they stare at the beautiful moon watching over them from the night sky.

Lee Na Young and Lee Jong Suk

Episode 4 Afterthoughts

This week established how Eun Ho has or has had a one-sided love with Dan Yi. Why he never pursued it is the question that we will subsequently find out in the succeeding episodes.

Romance healing drama as a new K-Drama trend is honestly a pleasant mood-maker. Hence, I am enjoying this cohabitation-noona-romance powered by Lee Jong Suk and Lee Na Young.

Admittedly, I can’t help but compare it with 2018’s Something In The Rain. But I know that Romance Is A Bonus Book will not go to the emotional extreme, and also won’t have a meddling mother. It will be the acknowledgement for the love couple that they have to go beyond the friendship line they have established all those years that would most likely be the conflict to be tackled in the story.

Romance Is A Bonus Book unveils its chapters weekly on tvN, and is also streamed on Netflix globally.


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