K-Drama Couch Recap: “Romance Is A Bonus Book” Episode 6

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For its third week, Romance Is A Bonus Book showered ample career lessons, deepening the trench of emotions it means to undertake.

Jealousy, triumphs, and disappointments garnish Romance Is A Bonus Book as the main leads get a test of composure to their own predicaments.

Romance is a Bonus Book

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Secret Love Letter Confessions

Heading home, Dan Yi sees Hae Rin in front of Eun Ho’s house so she hides and decides to kill time at a nearby bus stop. Just then, Seo Joon emerges from the bus. They agree to grab some dinner at the nearby udon restaurant.

Over at Eun Ho’s house, Hae Rin waits at her senior’s study. Tracing the books aligned in a shelf, she finds the love letter she hid the last time she visited his place. In flashback, she reveals that it was the 13th letter she intentionally left.

Curiously peeking for the presence of Eun Ho’s housemate, the latter advises that she is not around. Just when Eun Ho is about to fondly give her a forehead snap, he notices the pouring rain and immediately worries about Dan Yi. Feeling dejected, Hae Rin agrees to go home per Eun Ho’s order.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Noona’s Neighborhood Friend

On his way back from walking Hae Rin to the main road, Eun Ho calls Dan Yi and learns she is having a meal with her neighborhood friend. Flustered at how his noona’s closeness escalates fast to his new-found male friend, he goes to join them only to be surprised to see Ji Seo Joon.

Battle of Dan Yi territory ensues as Eun Ho and Seo Joon show mutual disinterest toward each other.

Belatedly learning that Seo Joon is the book cover designer Gyeoroo failed to scout, Dan Yi realizes why Eun Ho is panicking. Probing if she has told her new friend about their cohabitation, Seo Joon interrupts their secret text conversation.

Helping them out to sort their situation verbally, Dan Yi elaborates how her current situation has made her live with Eun Ho. Moreover, people at their company are not aware of it.

Romance is a Bonus Book


“I am your home”

At home, Dan Yi gripes at Eun Ho’s sulking. Complaining how she seems comfortable receiving the interest of Seo Joon when she barely knows him, Dan Yi beams recognizing she is still charming.

She explains how they met and how he lent his umbrella and returned her shoes. However, Eun Ho fusses about her unguarded response. Further explaining that “we” can only be shared by him and Dan Yi, and that Seo Joon is an outsider. Blurting out how she met him at the bus stop since she can’t go home because of Hae Rin, Eun Ho erupts to an outburst.

“You keep saying you have nowhere to go. But stop saying that! I’m your home. You can always come to me.”

Dan Yi stares at Eun Ho and questions him. She teases him of how cheesy his lines were and that girls hate it.

Reckoning his early conversation with Seo Joon, Eun Ho brushes his teeth out of spite thinking of Seo Joon’s blatant declaration of pursuing Dan Yi. Even when he taunted him that his relationship with Dan Yi is special, Seo Joon is unfazed.

Lee Jong Suk

Kang Byeong Jun

Team Gyeoroo completes their volunteer work at an orphanage amidst Director Bong and Director Seo’s emotional tormenting period. The two had mutually decide to end their marriage. Meanwhile, Eun Ho tags along with CEO Kim who visited the grave of his wife. It was also in that place where Gyeoroo Publishing marks the beginning of their presence when they received Kang Byeong Jun’s retirement notice.

Celebrated for his works, Kang Byeong Jun donated all the copywrights of his works to Gyeoroo before officially retiring. His abrupt retirement is a favorite cryptic topic in the publishing world. It turns out that Kang Byeong Jun is Eun Ho’s mentor.

The book that means a lot to Dan Yi

Ready for printing the new book, the director makes a final check. Director Go’s eye squints and summons Hae Rin and Eun Ho for a quick meeting. She orders removing Dan Yi’s name as in charge of marketing since she is not part of the marketing team.

Attempting to appeal on Dan Yi’s name’s removal, Director Go counters it with how organization should stick to its principle. Explaining even if she provided the idea, follow-up on the book’s marketing progress is expected. That is something that her job doesn’t entail.

Relenting to his superior’s point, Eun Ho stops on his track to speak his mind before leaving.

“You are right about everything. However, it’s people that make up the organization. It is important to do your job that is given to you. But if everyone is confined to that, no one will want to do more.”

Lee Na Young

Dan Yi’s fleeting happiness

Delighted at seeing their fellow newbie’s name on the book, Hae Rin heaves a sigh of pity and calls the printing office to wait for the belated revision to be done in the book.

After that, she calls Dan Yi and explains the revision that needs to be done. Uncaring of the bomb she initiated, Ms. Go sends Dan Yi to an errand.

Walking alone, Dan Yi holds back her tears. Receiving a call from her daughter, she gets an energizing boost. Sharing honestly how hard her work is, she promises to do well so she can be a role model to her.

The book launch

Dan Yi’s book idea hits the book stores, and it is a certified success. A second printing is ordered cheering the people in the office.

Stumbling on Ms. Go’s notes, she confirms they did have the same idea on the blurb Dan Yi thought she stole. Clarifying it, Director Go pushes for another discouraging advice for her to know her place.

But Dan Yi refuses to accept it and vows that she will continue trying to grow in the company. She adds how she initially wanted to get experience, but out of love for books, she wants to push what she is capable of in the company.

“I’m starting again with insignificant jobs and with what I’m asked to do first. I will learn to work again. Even if I think I know how, I will start all over because I’m a new employee.”

A gift for Kang Dan Yi

Knowing his noona has been emotionally distressed, Eun Ho approaches her at the office pantry to hand a gift. Telling how the concept of the book is a gift to one’s self, Dan Yi smiles and browses through it, eventually finding her name printed on its publication credits.

Stating how the marketing strategy was impeccable, Eun Ho reminds Dan Yi that even if the world doesn’t know her contribution, he knows who did it. He praises her work as the chief editor of the publishing house. All the while, Hae Rin peers at them with a puzzled look.

Just then, Dan Yi receives a call from Seo Joon who is outside the office. Knowing who’s calling his noona, Eun Ho pouts as Dan Yi listens to Seo Joon’s request to make time for him for a date night.

Volume 6 Afterthoughts

If I know how to knit, this would have been a perfect side activity while watching Romance Is A Bonus Book.

Each week, I am enjoying those takeaway lessons it has given its viewers to make the growth of its lead couple profound.

At the end of its run, I know that I will send off the series with a smile because it did not overly use cheesy scenes nor excessive kissing frames to keep my attachment. Instead, the curiosity of wanting to know how the friendship between Eun Ho and Dan Yi would grow to something that make each of them exclaim — “this must be love!” is what I look forward to.

Rich with love and life affirming lessons, Lee Jong Suk and Lee Na Young keep the smiles on the faces of their fans intact, thanks to its soothing storytelling.

Stepping inside Eun Ho and Dan Yi’s life at Gyeoroo Publishing dispels stress. Moreover, it also reminds me as a career woman to always find a reason to do more for my job. Not because I am paid to do so, but because having a career is one of life’s purposes.

On a side note, I have to admit while I am rooting for the two to realize that fate brought them together to become each other’s “one true love”, I have yet to feel romantic sparks extending from the small screen to make my heart really flutter.

Romance Is A Bonus Book brings feel-good chapters each week on tvN and Netflix.

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