K-Drama Couch Recap: “Romance Is A Bonus Book” Episode 7

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Will the hero of Romance is a Bonus Book miss his chance again to be with the noona of his dreams?

Crossing the halfway mark of the series, a major game changing bend is expected to erupt in Romance Is A Bonus Book. That appears to be true seeing how the romance layer of the series hints on going full force.

Romance is a Bonus Book

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Dan Yi noona’s date

Surprised on Seo Joon’s phone call, Dan Yi agrees to have a dinner date with him. Knowing the call was from Dan Yi’s neighborhood friend, he purposely gives her an errand to stall time. Half-heartedly sending off his noona, he takes off his muffler and wraps it on her neck to keep her warm.

Eun Ho stares at them as they walk away to have dinner.

At home, Eun Ho battles with his rational mind bothered at the thought of his noona on a date. Bombarding her with text messages, Dan Yi smiles knowing his intention and proceeds with her date.

Romance is a Bonus Book

The date that became a disaster

Presenting his gifts, Dan Yi smiles at her finished drunk portrait of the first time they met. She also receives a book from him.

However, the pleasant mood turns sour when Dan Yi starts opening about herself.

Storming at Eun Ho’s living room, Dan Yi narrates the awkward events that happened on her date with Seo Joon. Her first “about me” reveal of her being a divorcee has Seo Joon dropped his eating utensils. When she mentioned details about her daughter, Seo Joon spewed water. On an unfortunate third strike, he has a hiccup attack when she brought up her age, which is eight years older than him.

Happy that his favorite noona’s date turned out bad, Eun Ho listens attentively, commenting that he is no good for him.

Meanwhile, flustered at the impeccable timing of his body reactions, Seo Joon looks hopeless in trying to resolve the impression he created on his first date with Dan Yi.

Clueless Dan Yi

Cheering Dan Yi up, Eun Ho silently suffers knowing she has started to like Seo Joon. He remarks how she has really a poor taste in men.

After changing to home clothes, Dan Yi checks on Eun Ho’s messages earlier. Reminding Dan Yi to go on and not be bothered by what happened on her date, she responds how it is expected for someone to be bothered dating a woman like her.

Stepping up a bit closer to Dan Yi, he remarks that he is someone not bothered by it. She chides on that preposterous conviction. However, he insists on doing it, making her slap him back to reality. Walking out at the hint which Dan Yi can’t seem to connect, he goes to his room to hibernate.

Art versus Profit

Team huddle at Gyeoroo publishing did not turn out well for Manager Bong whose request to publish a poetry book was dismissed outright by CEO Kim. A heated argument ensues between them when they contend about a lunch treat for a poet they will not be signing for. Trying to subdue the argument, Eun Ho stands between the two. He follows Manager Bong to give his own credit card for the lunch cost.

Later, Eun Ho goes to the grocery to shop some food and heads to the poet’s house, where he bumps with Manager Bong. With no response from their door knocks, the landlady helps in opening the door, and they unfortunately found the writer’s lifeless body.

In emotional despair, Manager Bong calls CEO Kim and cries on the phone while telling him of what has happened.

Gyeoroo and Seo Joon’s collaboration?

After his regular radio show, Eun Ho treats writer Yu for dinner and is later joined by Hae Rin and Seo Joon. The writer reveals her intention to have Seo Joon worked on the book cover design of her latest work.

Eun Ho’s Dilemma

Forcing to ride with Eun Ho, Seo Joon reveals his intention to see Dan Yi to give her a gift. Against Eun Ho’s will, Seo Joon quickly slips to sit on Eun Ho’s car.

Debating if he will tell Dan Yi that Seo Joon is waiting outside, he goes for another round of rationalizing his situation with Dan Yi. Ultimately, his logic prevails. He goes to his noona to give the stuffed toy gift, and announces that Seo Joon is outside waiting.


Episode 7 Afterthoughts

I bet most of this drama’s followers would want Eun Ho not to be so careful anymore or else he might miss again the timing.

In a way the scene when Eun Ho declared he is the type who will fall for someone with the same specs as Dan Yi provided an insight of how Dan Yi might have chosen not to entertain her emotions with Eun Ho. She might have thought she is not good enough for Eun Ho.

As a reader, the side story about the disheartening situation of publishing books has made me sad to be honest. I felt a tinge of pain at Manager Bong’s line of how poetry is dying.

Taking a glimpse on the book publishing industry through Romance Is A Bonus Book makes me want to have a week of dedication, reading books to pay respect for the art. It is a hobby that most of us have been missing since adulthood, including how internet social media has effectively taken control of our lives.

Romance Is A Bonus Book airs on tvN and is streamed on Netflix.

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