SBS Drama “Hyena” Concludes With An Impressive 14.6% Rating

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Make sure to include Hyena on your K-Drama bucket list to while you’re in lockdown!

On April 11, Saturday, SBS’ HYENA has concluded impressively while keeping up to its original and thrilling premise.


According to the official daily reports of Nielsen Korea, the drama reportedly scored an astonishing 14.6% viewership ratings with its last episodes. Thus, eventually raising the expectation of the fans who haven’t watched it yet. It further strengthens SBS impressive drama roster this season.


HYENA traverses the story of two lawyers resolute to their conviction and principles. They wildly fight the world like hyenas not twitching a blink because of their fierceness and passion at courtrooms.

Starring sought after actor Ju Ji Hoon (KingdomItem) and actress Kim Hye Soo (Signal), HYENA struts a finely crafted plot. And through the star-studded cast and riveting story line, the series has been cruising smoothly for its spectacular viewership.

Ever since its first premiere on February 21, HYENA spiraled with remarkable viewership scores at around 9-12 percent.

Kim Hye Soo reveals how devoted she is with her character in the series for portraying a powerful role. In the interview, she also tells her feelings as the drama will soon come to an end. Lastly, actor Ju Ji Hoon gave his gratitude for the outpouring love and support the fans had given him and the drama. It gives him a high sense of reward as well which he is indeed grateful for.

You can watch SBS’ HYENA on Netflix.

Images Credit: SBS

Source: The Korea Times