“See You In My 19th Life” Provides Character Overviews of Shin Hye Sun and Ahn Bo Hyun

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The lead stars of See You In My 19th Life have interesting goals that somehow align.

Based on the webtoon of the same name, See You In My 19th Life is a spirited love story between Ban Ji-eum, who has the extraordinary ability to remember her past lives, and Moon Seo-ha, whom she is destined to meet.

Ban Ji-eum (Shin Hye Sun) has no attachments to her previous lives, but when she loses Moon Seo-ha (Ahn Bo Hyun) to an accident after meeting him in her 18th life, she begins her 19th life to reconnect with him.

Following that mission, Ji-eum plans to unravel the thread of her relationship between the past and the present. Chasing after the impossible, she used all of her abilities accumulated in her previous life to meet Seo-ha again.

Relevantly, the teaser images featuring Shin Hye Sun capture her innocence and grace. She also evokes the agony of the 19th episode of her life as she remembers her previous lives in the last thousand years.

Staring at the sky with her sad eyes, her surmising heightens curiosity about her sole mission of meeting the center of her 19th life.

Ahn Bo Hyun portrays Moon Seo-ha, a second-generation conglomerate who lives without forgetting his past life. He is a perfectionist with a delicate personality, but the death of his first love, ‘Joo-won’ (played by Shia Kim), the 18th reincarnation of Ban Ji-eum, left a scar in his heart.

However, as he meets Ji-eum, who has devoted her life to reuniting with him, he begins to feel the special feelings he received from her first love again.

Accordingly, the first character stills of Seo-ha capture the dignity and charisma of the second-generation perfectionist chaebol in his undisturbed posture and sharp eyes.

In addition, the heavy but melancholic eyes and tightly closed lips even evoke a sexy look that captures the hearts of women.

See You In My 19th Life premieres on tvN on June 19! International fans can watch it on Netflix!

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