September 2019 Korean Drama Releases: “Arthdal Chronicles Part 3”, “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency”, “Melting Me Softly” & More

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September 2019 Korean Dramas spree to a heap of star-studded series to look forward to.

Almost all drama genres are well-represented in the roster of September 2019 Korean dramas. From rising and esteemed actors, the second wave of Korean summer series will surely please patrons. Moreover, the themes from these drama treats cater to a wide range of audiences.

September 2019 Korean Dramas

Interestingly, while romance remains the dominating genre, office-themed series are also well-represented. Two historical dramas powered by popular young actors are also set to pique interest.

Note: Hellokpop drama team does not cover daily dramas, weekly family dramas and some dramas due to unavailability of video resources.

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Here is the roster of currently airing 2019 Korean dramas.


I Wanna Hear Your Song (KBS2)
Welcome 2 Life (MBC)
The Great Show (tvN)
At Eighteen (jTBC)


Justice (KBS2)
Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung (MBC)
Graceful Family (MBN/Dramax)
Doctor Detective (SBS)
When The Devil Calls Your Name (tvN)
Class of Lies (OCN)


Doctor John (SBS)
Be Melodramatic (jTBC)


Strangers from Hell (OCN)

Now, here are the latest stories to anticipate in September 2019 Korean Dramas.

Arthdal Chronicles Part 3

Arthdal Chronicles


Picking up on the cliff-hanging events from the second part of its series, Arthdal Chronicles promises an explosive windup when the third part of the series begins next month.

Divided in three parts, Arthdal Chronicles trudges on the story in the land of Arth, a civilization set in the backdrop of Bronze Age. Forged by tribes, the kingdom is reigned by leaders of tribes, who mutual detest each other in secret. When the kingdom’s elite army brought in an isolated tribe, a war eventually broke out as the leaders contend to achieve the kingdom’s highest power.

Arthdal Chronicles Part 3 will air on September 7 via tvN.

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Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency


Based on a novel, the series tells the story of a King who approaches the best marriage agency to protect his first love. The agency’s crew works on transforming the woman from a common citizen to the most noble woman in Joseon. Penning the screenplay is Kim Yi Rang, the same writer of the novel.

Working in Joseon’s marriage agency are characters to be portrayed by Kim Min Jae, Park Ji Hoon, and Byun Woo Suk. Kim’s character Ma Hoon manages marriage, divorce and remarriage. Donning a handsome appearance, he easily sweet talks with his logical reasoning.

Marking his return to small screen as an adult, Park Ji Hoon preps up to his role as Go Young Soo, an image consultant of the agency. From styling and fashion, he is the go-to-person in Joseon. Lastly, Byun Woo Suk is tasked to play the role of Do Joon, the resident smart guy of the crew. His brains will be of great use in improving the personality and intellect of the client.

The cutely designed division of labor of flower boy trio will work on Gae Ddong — the King’s first love portrayed by Gong Seung Yeon. Suiting up as King Lee Soo is Seo Ji Hoon. Lee Soo has lived 23 years of his life as a blacksmith, but suddenly becomes the Kingdom’s monarch overnight. Freedom is taken from his ordinary life as he tries to accustom himself as a new King.

Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency premieres on September 16 on jTBC.

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When Camellia Blooms

Touted as a love-affirming spectacle, When Camellia Blooms aims to spin a romance story of whether a person can become a miracle to another person. The story depicts the story of a woman who owns a bar named Camellia. Her life is ordinary until she encounters three different men who will change her life.

Backing up the project are Cha Young Hoon and Im Sang Choon. Their collective works boast favorites such as Fight For My Way, Are You Human and Uncontrollably Fond.

When Camellia Blooms is set for midweek spot starting September 18 on KBS2.

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Secret Boutique


Kim Sun Ah leads the female-centric cast of the new drama with Park Hee Bon and Go Min Shi. Rounding up the supporting male cast are Kim Jae Young, Kim Tae Hoon and Ryu Seung Soo.

Layers of mysteries appear to be one of the drawing points in the drama that reunites her with Director Park Hyung Ki with whom she worked with in drama Scent Of A Woman. Portraying the role of a CEO of a law firm, she lobbies dark and dangerous deals with powerful players in the society.

Secret Boutique takes the spot to be vacated by Doctor Detective on  September 18 via SBS.

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The Running Mates: Human Rights


An unlikely drama to spring from OCN, The Running Mates: Human Rights sets to delve in the world of human rights investigators. Leading the series are Lee Yo Won (Different Dreams) and Choi Gwi Hwa (Suits).

Projecting a team of smart characters determined to protect the oppressed, Lee and Choi are also joined by Jang Hyun Sung (Doctor Prisoner) and Lee Joo Woo (Let’s Eat 3).

Based on 2015 novel Running Investigators by Song Shi Woo, the series is backed up by Studio Dragon and Daydream Entertainment. It will be orchestrated by director Kim Yong Soo whose works include Babysitter and Masked Prosecutor.

The Running Mates: Human Rights takes the midweek slot on OCN starting September 18.



The reunion drama of Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy spins the story of a stuntman skilled in 18 types of martial arts who aspires of becoming an action film star. After surviving a plane crash, he digs up the truth about the corruption involved on the said accident. Lee gears up to portray the stuntman role.

Meanwhile, posed to become an undercover NIS black operations agent, Bae raises expectation on her character portrayal. In the drama, she is depicted as once dreaming of being a white agent, but being the breadwinner of her family, she opted to work on complex missions.

Playing the central figure of the story, this will also mark Lee Seung Gi’s reunion project with PD Yoo who he worked with in his pre-army detective drama, You’re All Surrounded. The latter is the Baeksang Arts Awards’ Best Director in 2017 for his work in Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim.

Vagabond begins its journey on September 20 via SBS.

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Miss Lee

2019 Korean Dramas_Miss Lee


Taking the titular role of another Studio Dragon backed up series, Lee Hye Ri (Reply 1988) signals the beginning of her solo career. Together with Kim Sang Kyung (The Crowned Clown), the actress takes on an office drama about a low-level office worker who becomes a CEO of a company in the cusp of bankruptcy.

Settling on the director’s chair is brilliant Han Dong Hwa of Bad Guys and Task Force 38 with Park Jung Hwa writing the screenplay.

Miss Lee is set for September 25 premiere on tvN.

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Melting Me Softly

2019 Korean Dramas_Melting_Me_Softly


Taking an interesting premise of a 24-hour freezing project between men and women, it bumps on a hiccup though, resulting the participants to wake up 20 years after.

Boasting an impressive combined portfolio, director Shin Woo Chul and writer Baek Mi Kyung aspire another hit series. They have worked on well-loved fantasy dramas such as Secret Garden and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

Additionally, acclaimed romance series including City Hall, A Gentleman’s Dignity and Beloved Eun Dong are also their notable projects.

Taking the weekend slot on tvN, Melting Me Softly begins after Part 3 of Arthdal Chronicles on September 28.

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Tale of Nokdu

Tale of Nokdu

Tapped to portray the titular role of Nok Du, Jang Dong Yoon gears up to breathe life to a story based on a popular webtoon. Nok Du Jeon (literal title) depicts the story of a man who goes incognito as a woman. He infiltrates into a mysterious village of widows to escape getting married.

Jang will be joined by Kim So Hyun. She takes the role of a courtesan-in-training who lacks the abilities required for a female entertainer. She also hates becoming a gisaeng.

The Joseon set romantic-comedy boasts impressive showrunners. Helming the project is Director Kim Dong Hwi of Fight For My Way and The Merchant: Gaekju 2015 fame. Penning the series is writer Im Ye Jin who worked on Love in the Moonlight and Who Are You: School 2015.

Tale of Nokdu is slated for September 30 broadcast via KBS2.


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