“Dinner Mate” Packs A Punch With Tasteful Teasers

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MBC’s latest offering Dinner Mate promises piquant entertainment after releasing zestful teasers for the same.

Dinner Mate is a upcoming drama starring actors Song Seung Heon, Seo Ji Hye, Lee Ji Hoon and Apink’s Son Na Eun in the lead roles and is set to premiere May 25.

Shall we eat Dinner Together?

Based on a webtoon of the same name, the drama follows the story of a man and woman who’ve both experienced painful heartbreaks in their pasts and eating dinner together commences a journey of self healing that relieves them of their distressing pasts.

Multilayered Characters

The lead actors will be seen playing very compelling characters on the series.

Shall We Eat Dinner Together?

Song Seung Heon plays psychiatrist Kim Hae Kyung, who has quite a peculiar way of treating his patients. He specializes in food psychology and observes his patients eating their meals after which he begins their individual processes of treatment.

Seo Ji Hye plays a web channel’s producing director named Woo Do Hee who is somewhat bitter towards the idea of love after two failed relationships.

Lee Ji Hoon is Jung Jae Hyuk, a freelance medical journalist, who dated Woo Do Hee during their college days.

Son Naeun looks effortlessly charming as Jin No Eul – a popular social media star and fitness trainer who happens to be Kim Hae Kyung’s ex-girlfriend. 

A Refreshing Narrative

The drama revolves around a very intriguing concept. It unfolds the story of a man and a woman who get mistaken as a couple at a restaurant. They end up having dinner together which leads to a series of events leading them to having dinner together on a weekly basis. Through that, they get to know more about each other, one meal after another.

Recently a video for the script reading session as well as an official introduction of cast members was released that unveiled certain characteristics of the lead characters from the drama.

However, in the latest teasers that dropped, audiences got a glimpse into the exciting world of Dinner Mate.

The first teaser gave an insight into the look of the characters. Kim Hae Kyung is quite amusing to witness as a psychiatrist. His depiction as told by Woo Do Hee is of someone who is somewhat goofy, carefree and spontaneous. He surely lights up the screen each time he appears!

The teaser shows snippets of the interesting twists in the lives of the characters from Woo Do Hee’s break up to the resurgence of the lead characters’ exes, Jung Jae Hyuk and Jin No Eul. Both asking their ex partners to come back into their lives which rises conflicting emotions in both Kim Hae Kyung and Woo Do Hee, who seemingly develop feelings for each other.

The teaser ends abruptly with Kim Hae Kyung asking Woo Do Hee “Shall we eat dinner together?” which leaves viewers starving for answers.

Similarly, the second teaser follows suit of the first, but this time, Woo Do Hee’s character is more prominent in the narrative within the clip. It shows Do Hee’s crazy world, especially within her work place albeit in a charming way. Jung Jae Hyuk and Jin No Eul appear yet again in the second teaser clip.

Jae Hyuk reminisces about his romance with Do Hee while No Eul confidently asserts her love for Hae Kyung. This teaser concludes with a shot of No Eul asking Hae Kyung if he is seeing someone before ending with a beautiful scene where Do Hee and Hae Kyung stand before each other in a warm and brightly lit setting as Do Hee’s voice plays in the background saying, “If we see each other again, it isn’t a miracle, it’s fate.”

MBC’s Dinner Mate is all set to premiere soon and by the looks of it, it sure is bound to leave you hungry for more!

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Video Credit To: Official YouTube Channel – iQIYI